Dance of Freedom Video is Here!

This experience changed my life and it is my great pleasure to share this Dance of Freedom with you. None of this would have been possible without the help and coordination of humanity.

Much love,

Peter Sharp

(Experience held on the 26th of April 2014)

4 thoughts on “Dance of Freedom Video is Here!

  1. Your stuff is awesome… Thank you for sharing. Read about you online today & had to check your blog out. I very recently (within this year) came out of some difficult times & the biggest thing I learned is to not take everything so seriously, don’t give a crap about what others think about you & enjoy the small things. From what I’ve seen so far you seem to embody this type of thinking. So thanks again for sharing your enjoyment of life with everyone.

  2. I hope I’m commenting on the right dance by jotting my thoughts here.
    Your dance on the train was truly fantastic ………. I stumbled on the video accidently while in the middle of some work. But the invitation to view it was irresistible. This is the type of thing we need in today’s world. Good clean fun. Lets duplicate it right round the world ………………… and celebrate LIFE!!!!

  3. Hola Peter from Barcelona!

    I just saw on Facebook the dancing subway-video and I loved it, thinking we have something in common because I love and need to dance and when I go out I also motivate the people around me 🙂 I do it naturally because I transmit my passion and my freedom state, not caring about what people may think etc.. your idea to get people out of the routine (physically and emotionally) and confort zone is exactly what our society needs the most. Happy having found you and your projects, keep doing so and sharing! Express yourself by dancing!! Meri

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