What I learned from the Dance of Freedom!

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People have an innate interest in the idea of experimenting with freedom

From the moment the idea to dance in a fountain dressed in business clothing was first discussed with others, I found people started to respond. What was it about this idea that people wanted to know more about? Was it addressing an underlying social restriction we all felt deep inside? If it was an expression of freedom we all felt comfortable and capable of doing such as waving our hands in public would it have attracted the same response? It made me wonder if we indeed have much more to explore in the name of inner freedom?

People have invisible walls of fear they didn’t know existed

Many people greeted the initial idea with full flavoured support and followed through with conversation of interest but when the day arrived many people who said they would come found another priority for the day. This is not to say they legitimately didn’t have other priorities but priorities are interesting in that they can often be the wolf of fear disguised in the sheep of ‘other priorities’ clothing. Does this reflect something deeper within our own society and our fear of judgement? How many other fears do we hold within ourselves but are unaware of? I warmly invite you to leave your personal perspective on this subject.


Facing the fear with action set ourselves free

Those who turned up and took action smashed an invisible wall of fear that they thought was impossible to cross. What I didn’t expect to happen was the profoundly energising feeling of possibility, empowerment and inner freedom that followed and has continued to remain ever since! It seemed with the tearing down of this invisible wall I coincidently broke countless other walls I held within myself. Only once you’ve experienced it are you able to look back on your previous state of mind with a clear perspective and understanding as to how much we restrict ourselves in daily living. If you participated in the experience I welcome you to put your own personal feedback in the comments.


This dance of freedom was made possible not only by my conscious effort but by the unified force of humanity and it’s natural desire to help good ideas grow. I believe this is a connection to something greater, something universal. Well done people, we have effectively proved to ourselves, each other and the world that the impossible is certainly possible! I’ll finish with the video itself and a short video from the warmup.

Much love,


One thought on “What I learned from the Dance of Freedom!

  1. Wow you amaze me in how you can and do push yourself through fear, but more than that encourage others to do the same

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