Explosive Bohemian Rhapsody Video!

A desire to express ourselves fully is intrinsic to our human nature, however it’s through fear of judgement that we are often repressed from being able to explore it. What happens in this video is proof of what’s possible when we collectively decide to replace judgement of others with loving acceptance. This was the final song from the Dance of Freedom v3. 

Dance of Freedom v3 Video Unleashed!!!

Humanity unleashed something incredibly powerful during this experience, much of which cannot be transmitted through video. It’s a cosmic feeling that transcends age, ethnicity, words, sounds and sight. Our next Dance of Freedom experience can be felt here; https://facebook.com/events/899621043402275/

The Dance of Freedom Video Challenge!

All of the people on this blog are invited to become a part of the Dance of Freedom video challenge! All you have to do is;

1. Nominate two friends on video to participate in the challenge.
2. Record yourself dancing freely in a public space.
3. Upload the video to the facebook event wall found here.
4. Tag the two friends you nominated with a 24 hour time limit to complete the challenge.

This video is the first of the series. I look forward to sharing more acts of freedom with you soon!

Epic Video from Shenton College Dance of Freedom!

This vibrant and uplifting music video explores what’s possible when we allow each other to be free and playful. This was created as part of Mental Health week with the Senior School students of Shenton College. I am honoured to have been able to share this experience with so many incredible people at the same high-school I went to when I was younger!

Special thanks to Shakira, the school psychologist for organising this wonderful opportunity.

Dance of Freedom Video! v2.0

WOAH! This experience totally blew everyone away!!! I knew it was going to be electrifying but I never expected this. Many of the participants were people from the public who knew nothing about what was going to happen. The fact that so many did what they did raises some interesting questions about the norm that we currently live in…Feel free to comment with what you think!

Dance of Freedom v2.0 is coming…

I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t have time to waste being afraid of expressing my gifts anymore. I have found a way to ignite the spirits of others and if the world needs to see it being done on a large scale to believe it, then so be it. This Friday along with 60 others dressed in business suits we will open a new gateway for true potential to be expressed in public. This will quite quickly enable upwards of 200 people to experience and pass through it right in the centre of town.

Anyone living in Perth interested in coming down this Friday the 4th of July to experience the magic feel free to comment on this post and i’ll send you the details.

Stay tuned for updates!

Action Shots from Dance of Freedom!

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What happened on Saturday the 26th of April was nothing short of truly incredible! 25 people from all over the world united in their desire to prove to themselves and the world that freedom really is a state of mind. Here are a few of the action packed photos that captured the moment. Video coming soon!