How & Why I’m Connected to the Global Awakening.

It all started back when I was a DJ playing parties around Perth with a good mate Jake Stone. We would uplift energies within social spaces mixing a variety of new and classic sounds together. During my practice as DJ I started to attune my ability to read, listen and feel the collective consciousness on the dance floor. A large part of being a good DJ I believe is about being able to “feel the floor”.

Before I left for Barcelona, Jake and I were building towards a new height of musical success being asked to play at Creamfields, a large international summer music festival in Perth. I had already purchased a ticket to Spain by the time we realised that our idea was taking off. I knew that whatever future I was going to make for myself in Spain it needed to somehow continue what we had already learned together. I was required to close the door on a golden opportunity and so I promised myself that I was to open a new even bigger door.

When I first moved to Barcelona I realised that I had come out of living a glorious childhood filled with large open green spaces, opportunities growing on trees, excellent health support, an abundance of love and laughter in an environment without fear. I grew up surrounded by others having a pretty damn good time, so this became my everyday normal bubble of existence. All of this was questioned and put into contrast the moment I moved away from it all.

It was the European summer of July, 2011 and my DJ skills where being activated once again except this time on the streets. Spain had been hit by the global financial crisis and I felt the social fabric in fear. I could see talented, well-educated individuals were feeling unsure about their futures and if they’d ever be able to provide enough for their families. I couldn’t help but notice a difference in comparison to the Australian ‘no worries’ attitude I had thought was normal everywhere.

I felt inclined to somehow provide a platform for others to uplift themselves. I thought if there was ever a way to get out of the crisis, creating a public pathway for trust, hope and positivity to flourish would be at the core of societal growth and renewal. So I started Good Vibrations Barcelona which aims to create public actions that activate and empower people with love, positivity, hope and trust in the future. In a way it enables the public to see, hear and experience the power of our shared humanity in real-time.

The more I ventured out of my comfort zone the more I realised that facing fears was the pathway to understanding our infinite potential. So I decided to hitch-hike 1500km from Barcelona to Croatia in a business suit. I came back two weeks later having turned the seemingly impossible into the possible. I was no longer afraid of the new, the changing and the unknown. I embraced change and felt energised to share this insight with others.

Fast forward 2 and a half years and I found myself leading a peace organisation with a core of around 15 – 20 dedicated people passionate about being an active part in creating a more harmonious world. Our unified experiences would bring upwards of 100 people and they would then interact with upwards of 1000 people of the public in a day. It may seem like relatively small numbers but we captured all of our experiences on video with the idea that our actions could then inspire and uplift others all over the world. Our videos have since reached more than 60,000,000 people from over 151 different countries.

This journey was completely organic; it wasn’t forced, pushed or expected on anyone. As the momentum continued to build, experienced, successful and mature mentors appeared in my life and began showing me keys to doors of opportunities I never even knew existed.

What I didn’t expect however, was the collective power of the people who poured their heart and souls into the Good Vibrations organisation. This supercharged my own personal existence as I was given a profound sense of purpose beyond my own belief. The previous “Peter Sharp” desires were starting to become increasingly insignificant. I was now leading a tribe of internationally diverse people who were motivated to invest themselves into something much bigger than anything “Peter Sharp” alone could desire. I was now connected and channeling a shared consciousness through my existence.

The transition from selfish inward desires to being primarily for the benefit of our greater unified mission was a profound life changing experience. I wasn’t seeing friends outside the organisation so much anymore, I wasn’t wasting time cooking elaborate meals, I consciously created a paid working schedule of no more than 12 – 14 hours per week so I had a maximum amount of time to spend on developing the movement. I was driven by something much greater than anything money could provide.

After 2 and half-years in Spain I decided it was time to to come home to Australia for Christmas. I took the opportunity to venture into the unknown once again, this time for a month experimenting with the idea of Living by Giving through Southern India. Before departure I was filled with what I thought was the brim of my own energetic potential. During this powerful and inspiring journey the internal energy, passion and desire I had almost doubled! It seemed that the skills I developed in Spain enabled me to collect and harness the conscious loving energy of others into and through myself, even from people I’d only just met. I came home and have since given up thinking there is a limit to the energy I feel because the more I give to others the more it constantly continues to grow. My art is but a pure reflection of this and the collective conscious.

“Peter” himself is but a very small player in the greater scheme of creating experiential gateways for others to explore their own infinite human potential. With this very unique gift I believe it is my responsibility to create tangible real world experiences and pathways for the global awakening to thrive.

I hope this document assists you in being able to contextualise the work that I do and why I choose to focus my life force into the creation of what I do. I have to thank everyone for ever believing, supporting and helping me on this path thus far, I look forward to sharing the future with you.

How And Why

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