Good Vibrations Barcelona

Good Vibrations Barcelona is a social movement that sends positive shockwaves of happiness, hope and unity through the global community via flashmobs, acts of kindness, self expressions of the arts and games with the public. With each positive vibration we aim to re-energise the people and ourselves with fun, happiness and proof that a more positive and friendly future is possible.

Here are a few of our very best works!


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Uncover what the biggest English newspaper in Barcelona thinks of us here.

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History of Good Vibrations

Welcome The Tourists
Free Hugs
The Social Skipping Rope
Time Loop
Café Gratis por tu Castellano
Metro Dance
Elf Christmas Flashmob
Funky Walk Flashmob
Homemade Cookie Flashmob
I don’t need money, I need love
Welcome the tourists 2nd edition
Community Chalkboard of Hope
Sunshine Tour of Catalunya
I trust you, do you trust me?
Free Hug Flashmob
Photobomb Flashmob
Thank You for Exercising
Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
Epic Watergun Fight
Free Lemonade Flashmob
Send Your Love for Free
Good Vibrations Plaza Tour
Pop-up Picnic (feat. The Leftovers)
Let Love Rule The World (feat. Ivan Sanmartín)
Free Compliment Flashmob
I trust you, do you trust me? Shave my head
I trust you do you trust me? Give me a hug
TEDx Barcelona Flying Ideas Experiment
Dance of Freedom

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