A Wild Morning Full of Glory!

The atmosphere was electric as creative leaders from around the world huddled together at 5am on a brisk Wednesday morning outside of London’s Oval Space venue, excited to share their special gifts with the hundreds of locals ready to rave their way into the day. The first hurdle came when realising that we were locked out of the venue with our set up time rapidly declining. Continue reading

The Sustainable Human Adventure Needs You in Europe!

Do you find train rides are often emotionless tunnels of separation? People brush past each other without sharing authentic eye contact and distrust has become the default state for many. The supporters of Sustainable Human page and many others aim to transform these stereotypes with 5 weeks of daring interactive adventure through Europe and they need your participation to make it happen!
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The Touching Truth Behind the Eye Contact Experiment

Where Did the Idea Come From?
We came up with the idea after noticing a common thread of isolation in today’s society. This video aims to address the vulnerability that is often avoided in making sustained eye contact with members of the public. Holding eye contact with another person can evoke many feelings which can be scary, especially when in today’s society we tend to repress our deepest emotions. It calls on true courage to trust another being to see you and accept you just as you are, in a complete state of vulnerability. We also noticed that making eye contact with strangers is commonly intertwined with the idea of unwanted sexual attention. We believe eye contact is much deeper and far more meaningful than anything a sleaze might be able to bring to it. So instead of complaining about this misrepresentation we found an inspiring way to allow members of the public to actively participate in the other side of the story.

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Online Perfection vs. Reality (Funny Video)

Have you ever thought the edit button enables us to present a perfected image of ourselves to the online world? How truthful are we really when we’re given the option to omit? Online dating, emails, facebook pages, blogs, youtube channels all give us the option to edit, revise and leave out. But does this also remove an element of our humanness? What about that normal not so sexy stuff that happens in daily life? As a breathe of humanness, The Liberators and I created a funny collection of ridiculous faces! Enjoy.