The Genius Within

Our society often attempts to bend us and break us into predefined boxes that suit corporate and government needs. Understanding that we all have a little genius within can help us find the strength required to truly explore our undefined potential, ultimately leading to a greater contribution to ourselves, our community, family & humanity as a whole.


Going Viral + Personal Mix of Music

In just 5 days we’ve gone from 152 likes on The Liberators facebook page to more than 30,000 likes. Our video has been officially shared by Jamiroquai and our new Train Party video has been viewed more than 10 million times across the globe. It’s encouraging to receive such a positive response to the work we create. I’m excited for the future as we continue to gain momentum we have plenty of future projects lined up that are certain to further uplift and inspire acts of love and kindness across our planet.

The next big video release will be on the 9th of March and I believe it’s going to change the face of Australian history.

Until then…here’s a personal mix of music I created whilst feeling inspired the other day. It’s more of a softer, sensual combination of tunes i’ve been digging lately. Enjoy :)

Deep & Sensual Mix 2015 by Peter Sharp on Mixcloud

Train Party v2.0

On the eve before Valentines day at around 10pm, The Liberators and I started a pop-up dance party on a public train. We had an uplifting mix of music playing from a portable sound system and within a minute we had the entire carriage dancing. We then moved the train party up to the other carriages of the train to meet, greet and celebrate with the other members of the public.

Together we’re allowing people to see they’re already free and surrounded in love. Through our playful, loving expressions of freedom we’re dropping the need to feel afraid of the unknown. Together we’re providing experiential proof that when we lead with love, a healthier, more accepting social paradigm organically forms itself. Here is the mix of music we used and a few photos from the experience. Video coming soon.

Perth Train Party Mix v2.0 by Peter Sharp on Mixcloud

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Introducing…The Bass Wagon

A recent invention of mine has been a 4 wheeled moving dance floor. We call it the Bass Wagon and have been taking it around festivals, public spaces & beaches starting spontaneous pop-up parties with it. It’s practically a giant party speaker on four wheels connected to a 12v battery inverted into 240v. This video shows what happens when we pull it through crowds of people at Light It Up Leederville Carnival in 2014.

The Bass Wagon copy

Creative Freedom on the Beach

On Saturday morning something wonderful happened. A well respected Yogi, 6 live musicians, 60 connected people and The Liberators came together on a local beach to explore the idea of creative freedom. We started with a calming meditation, progressed into yoga asana then The Liberators stepped up and used games of liberation to create harmonious and uplifting energy amongst the people. Dance circles, giant volleyball and a dance of freedom in the ocean were a few of the liberating games we played! We finished the session by grounding ourselves in some deep meditation and a few more yoga poses. All in all a wonderful experience!

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Speaking Your Truth

It’s a life skill that takes years of work to become comfortable with expressing in the presence of others.  Through the use of this truth however, the world external to oneself starts to transform. People you meet begin standing up to face you, life force to life force. They become more truthful in the presence of you speaking your truth. Unlocking this realm of life opens a Continue reading

Living by Giving Through India (Thank You & Being Vulnerable)

Towards the very end of my experience in Chennai, India I had spent over 5 days working incredibly long hours, navigating through confusing Indian language barriers, building friendships with dancers, artists and taxi drivers from the local slum to create uplifting social art with the people. Finally after 5 days of my most testing life experience I was given access to a school of 60 children. They stopped everything they were doing that day to allow me to create an inspiring music video. After we finished recording the video I wanted to say thank you with something more than words. This is what I did.

2014: A Powerful Year in Review

BAM! 2014 hit faster and harder than any year i’ve ever been involved in before. I’ve had butterflies for life racing through my deepest being and it feels as if i’ve gone through a powerful metamorphosis. An evolutionary unlocking of self that has allowed myself and many others to jump deep into the unknown territories of removing the mask of judgement in public.

Each and every step has Continue reading