How the Blaze Set my Heart on Fire (Part. 1)

6 days of freedom explodes across the remote Kulin salt lake. A new world of utopia is manifested through a collective desire to explore new ways of living. People from all ages, backgrounds and places align under the umbrella of radical expression, self reliance, the gifting economy, universal love, trust & acceptance. We are given a chance at building and sharing what we’ve always dreamed of.

Flame throwing off-road buggies, giant moving dance floors, human mazes made out of hay bales, jaw dropping sunsets, light sculptures than invite you to play, a circus tent dedicated to improvised music and theatre, mud bath handstands, steampunk pancakes, hot showers and a plethora of people ready to exchange human electricity. This my friends, is Blazing Swan, the Burning Man inspired powerhouse for creativity to be explored further and faster than anything i’ve ever experienced before. Last week The Liberators had the pleasure of sharing their acts of freedom with the blazers and this is a brief overview of how the festival set my heart on fire.

It started with undie runs every morning at 10am, this was Tom’s idea and involved us going for a light jog around the festival campground in our underwear, inviting other participants to join us by taking their clothes off and coming for an impromptu morning jog. (video coming soon)


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How to Strengthen Your Self Worth

In here lies three of the tangible secrets to building self worth, unlock this and find everything in your world shift. Understanding and strengthening our self worth is a life skill that can be improved by going through certain life experiences. Contrary to popular belief, self worth is not always improved by focusing inwardly on ourselves. It’s in the pursuit of things greater than ourselves that we discover some of life’s most powerful hidden treasures.  Here are a number of tools that can be used in our daily lives to naturally increase self worth. Continue reading

Blind Trust Experiment Video is going Viral!

The Liberators most recent video is currently travelling the globe!!! It was 3 years ago that the GoodVibers originally came up with the Blind Trust idea, giving humanity a chance to experience and express trust in a public space. This time 3 years down the track, we worked with a local indigenous Australian girl named Jasirah from the ICEA Foundation to create a powerful piece for Australia. Due to the controversial nature of this video we had to keep it a secret until it’s release on the local TV network. You are one of the first in the world to view this video. Much love to everyone who has been a part of this cosmic journey. I guarantee, this is just the beginning.

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8 Blind Assumptions We Are Taught To Believe (Pt. 2)

2. Work needs to be 9am – 5pm
Who would like the freedom to spend more time with their friends and family if they needed to? Being forced to work 7.5 hour days is designed to keep machine operators running machines at a maximum capacity and is a direct import from the out-of-date industrial revolution. Many of the modern jobs and technological advancements now mean we do not need to be held in the office from 9am to 5pm. This blind assumption is optimised for yesterdays story and has little to do with effective utilisation of human resources, our freedom and or living a healthy balanced life. Continue reading

8 Blind Assumptions We Are Taught To Believe (Pt. 1)

How much of our daily interaction is based on blind assumptions passed down to us from yesterdays story? How many times have you consciously questioned your own fundamentals? How often do you consciously pave a new path of personal discovery to re-write your own understanding of the cultural operating system? If there’s anything I’ve uncovered by personally questioning the envelope it’s that many of yesterdays assumptions we’ve been taught to exchange our lives for are outdated, inappropriate and unsustainable for today and tomorrow’s future.

The longer we live without questioning the fundamentals, the bigger the bubble gets and the greater the long term consequences. So as a way of addressing the elephant in the room I’m going to open discussion around 8 blind assumptions we are taught to believe that I think are holding many of us back. You’ve no doubt noticed a lot more and I’d love to know what you’ve noticed.

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Kinetic Dreaming Festival 2015

To the Inspiralight readers who were unable to attend our most recent gig, here’s a short story, a few pictures and a free mix of music to share a little of the magic with you. Last weekend, 12 of The Liberators travelled deep into the countryside of Western Australia with the role of activating and transforming Kinetic Dreaming Festival into a magical, loving and connected experience.

We did this with the help of a Giant Sunflower and a message that read “follow me for a magical surprise”. We danced this message through the big open air dance floor leading the adventurous people to the surprise…

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The Genius Within

Our society often attempts to bend us and break us into predefined boxes that suit corporate and government needs. Understanding that we all have a little genius within can help us find the strength required to truly explore our undefined potential, ultimately leading to a greater contribution to ourselves, our community, family & humanity as a whole.