Unlocking The Power of The Universe

This has hands down been the wildest, most wonderful year of my life! Each and every week has felt like a rocket fuelled off-road adventure that’s taken me deeper and faster down into the depths of accessing the power of the universe. I haven’t taken my eyes off of sharing my deepest and most valuable gift with others and as a result, a global social movement for freedom has formed. This 42 second video will show you some of the moments we’ve shared over the past year.

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Please read: A personal appeal from The Liberators founder, Peter Sharp

Ever wonder how The Liberators International is able to create so many inspiring acts in public? I quite simply dedicate my entire life into managing the movement, editing the videos, running the facebook page, thinking of the next experiment, building networks, creating events, managing events, listening to the tribe, responding to emails and consistently going into my own fear so that we able to free ourselves from yesterdays story.

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Dance Party in Indian Restaurant Video!

Last Tuesday we discovered this amazing pay-by-donation Indian restaurant was under threat of closure after recent city construction work had reduced it’s customer base by 50%.  I’d been to this place with friends a few times before and was deeply touched by it’s trust building community centric nature. I thought it would be great to gather some of the Liberators to have a dinner there to help support them on Thursday night. It was only 2 days to promote but within minutes we already had more than 30 people attending.

This gave me the idea to give back to the givers in the way of dance party from within the restaurant. I gave Arun the owner a call and told him of the idea to help his restaurants message travel. He was taken back by the offer at first but he trusted me and said yes. He also offered to give me access to the microphone and inbuilt sound system.

The video shows what happened…

How the Blaze Set my Heart on Fire (Pt. 2)

We woke to the sound of bass for another Undie Run, only this time Zhen decided it was best he simply removed all of his clothing. We supported him in his decision and went on our morning jog, this time gathering more people than last. After passing the unicorn tent we decided to detour past the salt lake to build a giant human pyramid. Cass’s acro yoga skills came in handy as we formed art sculptures with our bodies. We decided to celebrate with a naked mud bath before the journey home.

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How the Blaze Set my Heart on Fire (Part. 1)

6 days of freedom explodes across the remote Kulin salt lake. A new world of utopia is manifested through a collective desire to explore new ways of living. People from all ages, backgrounds and places align under the umbrella of radical expression, self reliance, the gifting economy, universal love, trust & acceptance. We are given a chance at building and sharing what we’ve always dreamed of.

Flame throwing off-road buggies, giant moving dance floors, human mazes made out of hay bales, jaw dropping sunsets, light sculptures than invite you to play, a circus tent dedicated to improvised music and theatre, mud bath handstands, steampunk pancakes, hot showers and a plethora of people ready to exchange human electricity. This my friends, is Blazing Swan, the Burning Man inspired powerhouse for creativity to be explored further and faster than anything i’ve ever experienced before. Last week The Liberators had the pleasure of sharing their acts of freedom with the blazers and this is a brief overview of how the festival set my heart on fire.

It started with undie runs every morning at 10am, this was Tom’s idea and involved us going for a light jog around the festival campground in our underwear, inviting other participants to join us by taking their clothes off and coming for an impromptu morning jog. (video coming soon)


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