25 & Breaking Through

The past year has felt like I strapped myself to the front of the high speed TGV vortex of life, travelling multiple light years of experience within the space of a single year. I have consciously smashed through countless walls of fear, many of which I didn’t even know existed. I have moved away from the predictable norm of expectation and entered the path of following my inner spirit with passion. This year, the year of my 25th will be the year that I move into the fully liberated realm of consciousness. I am no longer afraid of expressing my true and full self in daily life. It’s taken me my entire life of exploration across continents and through the unknown to no longer feel afraid of my true self! Wow why has the journey been such a challenging task?

I believe the process of true inner discovery requires broad exploration in a multitude of different directions through curiosity, silence, darkness, fear and doubt to uncover our deepest most incredible gifts. My passions are the creation of social art, interlinking the human race and inspiring others with my words and actions. All three of these gifts were not recommended to me from my careers adviser and yet by searching, discovering and exploring them by myself I have turbo charged my existence. How many others are out there with undiscovered turbo charged gifts?

Over the past year, powerful and profound changes have occurred from within and around me. I’ve discovered that humanity has a natural desire to help good ideas and people grow, I’ve experienced in real-time how humans naturally find ways to provide if we enter life by selflessly giving our gifts to others & I’ve found that uniting tribes around ideas greater than ourselves is the key to ratcheting up the human race. I’ve lived on concrete floors of rural families in central India, in the back of buses, in tepee’s, caravans, hitch-hiked through Australia, slept with criminals, started a small movement in collaboration with over 60 school children in Chennai India, danced in fountains, moved a social movement past 1000 members, been invited to work with TEDx Barcelona, been invited to talk on channel 7 Sunrise, spoken for 30 minutes on Spanish radio and this is only just the beginning!

Even though I’ve been offered countless financial opportunities to stay here in Australia my heart is telling me that I need to return to Barcelona in order to continue the journey through Europe. What was created in Barcelona was a clear indication that I was providing something vital and important to hundreds of others in the city and all over the world. My experience in Australia has been much needed and a vital part of my evolution and I thank all of you for helping make that happen.

I will be releasing a campaign in the coming few days that will enable the world to become a part of the life changing journey back to Barcelona. I’m 25, energised by the power of the universe and ready to positively influence our world with this revolution of love!

Who else is ready for this?


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