The Urban Playground

Find out how the GoodVibers set a very public space socially on fire by inviting members of the public to participate in their urban playground.

We had the following sections

Express yourself dance square – which was a square in where members of the public were totally free to dance in which ever way they desired listening to some of our funky tunes.

A Photography Booth – A place where we had dress-ups for people of the public to take funny photos of themselves.

Skipping Rope – There is an incredible connection with our childhood when jumping in a skipping rope. For this reason exactly we brought it out for everyone to share.

Giant Bubble Blowing  – Sometimes you see those people down by the beach with giant bubbles and it looks amazing but normally they are asking for money. This time we provided all of the equipment for the public to enjoy.

Chalk Drawings – Another form of creative expression in a public space. Being able to put our own imprint on public space empowers us to feel a part of the city and the moment.

Free Hugs – Simple yet effective way of spreading positivity, love and trust with strangers.

We always had members encouraging the public to participate. I think we interacted with hundreds of people that day. Very successful experience.





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