Uncovering the Neon Flame

I didn’t know it until now, but that single promise I made myself before leaving for Spain drastically changed my entire life.

I originally went over to Spain with the intention to survive and personally succeed in an environment I knew next to nothing about. I sold everything from home and blasted myself into a foreign economically troubled country where I didn’t have a job, didn’t have a place to stay, didn’t know the language, didn’t have any friends in the city, didn’t know anything about the culture except a few terrible stereotypes and I was in a city where nobody knew or gave a shit about me.

This was exactly where I wanted to be…before I left I made a promise to myself that was “If I can make a life for myself here I will forever have an energising life proof that will say YES, I have what it takes.

With an over inflated ego the size of the Darth Vader’s when he got the keys to the Death Star I attempted to start a bike tour company with some friendly South Americans. Within the first 6 months I was smashed into the ground with a cold hard reality slap. I lost all of my money and had effectively gone bankrupt. This was the wake up call I needed to show how far from the truth I was when I arrived. I knew very little about how the world really worked and what was humanly possible.

This made me realise that much of my previous life had been handed to me on a plate, I grew up in a land of abundance, I was born into an affluent neighbourhood with loving parents, went to university because the government paid for it, I was surrounded by friends and family with connections in an economy that was booming and I was living with respect because of my upbringing. This was not my life I was living; this was the life that was handed to me that I was living!

After hitting rock bottom I picked myself up again, asked for a loan from my parents and enrolled myself at an english teaching school. Within a month I was back up on my feet, this time with a trimmed ego. After getting the job I went straight into to creating myself and the life I wanted to live by surrounding myself with people already smashing it (I’ll call these people Masters of Life). When I say masters of life I refer to people being full of love, happiness, vibrance, trust, free-time, respect and already living lives that they created for themselves. They were not at the will of the surrounding world, they had consciously made their own surrounding worlds work in a way that suited them. Working less but having more cash and energy than many of the friends I knew working more than 40 hours a week.

Something I noticed that linked these people was that they all took full responsibility for themselves and the life around them. They relied on people they trusted to help them succeed but always took the path of the future as their own responsibility. We must first believe we have the power to create our own reality before being able to create our own reality.

During a 2 and a half year process of learning from the Masters I constantly applied, explored and experimented with their teachings until I uncovered my greatest gifts and found ways in which I could give them away to others. What I didn’t expect to find through the process of giving and exploring was that the people around me started returning what I was giving in their own way.

This reached a tipping point in my final 6 months when I was in love for the first time in years and the social movement was rocketing forward at an ever increasing rate. During this time I unlocked a source of profound energising power like nothing I had ever experienced before. I call this power the Neon Flame, a life changing connection to the energy around me that would supercharge my own existence.

It was with this connection that I was able to tirelessly work more than 30hours a week inspiring the social movement to grow past numbers of 1000 people, it was with this connection that I was able to confidently go into challenging life changing situations with an inner peace and tranquility and it was with this ability that I was able to attract and gain respect from other well respected masters of life.

Now what scares and excites me most about what I’ve found and what we’ve accomplished together is that this is only just the beginning…

Uncovering the Neon Flame

Uncovering the Neon Flame


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