The Truth About the Official Eye Contact T-Shirts

T-shirt Photos Mieke and Peter Wide Thumb-8

Peter Sharp, Founder of the Eye Contact Experiment

I am the founder of The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment and would like to share a little more information about the Official Event T-shirts to assist your understanding of why they’re available and how they make this event possible.

First and foremost, this global event is and will always be completely free for all of humanity to experience. This is to ensure all people from all backgrounds are able to feel a proud part of the event, we believe that if you want to inspire a movement of world peace you need to enable everyone to be a part of it. That being said, it does cost months of time and thousands of dollars to coordinate such a large and inspiring event so we had to find another way to make it work.

It takes 3 months of planning and preparation with a team of 15 international volunteers and over 400 city hosts to bring this event to you. Some of them have slowed or stopped working on their day jobs to ensure this event is accessible to all. Many of them have families to feed and all of them go above and beyond what’s expected of them because they believe in the magnificent potential this event has to unify humanity. These people work for love, not for money. When you buy a T-shirt, you honour your host and the global organisers for the time and energy that it takes to coordinate 400+ cities together as one.


Thousands of dollars have been invested into a dynamic mapping of events so you can easily find your nearest event, “How to Videos” have been filmed and recorded professionally to educate and inspire, template guides have been built and translated in over 8 languages, website hosting, dedicated email and server costs are paid for. International coordination calls are held weekly, troubleshooting sessions are constantly happening online, computer code has been paid for to process the applicants data to ensure their city hosts are put in contact with them right away. This is not including the basic food, shelter and necessities required for all volunteers to continue working on this.

Can you imagine this event with a giant coca-cola logo slapped on top? We have refused corporate sponsorship a number of times to ensure that the purity, heart and soul is maintained throughout the event. We are very proud of this event being powered by humanity working together to make it possible. You are welcome to look at our other humanitarian events here:

These T-shirts are a powerful way to support the continuation of international acts of love and human connection to flourish world-wide. Every time you buy a piece, you say YES to more events that bring us together as one. The choice is always yours and the shirts are a great way to share the importance of eye contact everywhere you go. Each and every time you wear a shirt, you will remember and represent the day you sat in peace with the rest of the world for a minute.

I trust this has helped with your understanding behind the intent of the T-shirts and why we make them available for you and the others. We are all working incredibly hard to ensure that we deliver the best day of global unity you’ve ever experienced! If you have further questions i’ll do my best to answer with my full integrity. There is no pressure or expectation to buy or wear a t-shirt. If you don’t like it you’re still completely free to attend the event and we are honoured to have your attendance.




Much love,

Pete Sharp
The Liberators International & The Eye Contact Experiment

Watch the video we created with our team of videographers from our global event in 2015:

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