The Spiritual Connection to Eye Contact by Michelle Passmore

Remember that we are one and fundamentally united.
Something magical happens during extended eye contact (also called eye gazing or soul gazing). This moment arises when we forget that there’s a “you” and a “me” and we become engulfed in an experience of unity. Personalities, gender, social class, beliefs etc all melt away. And we are left with this recognition of the other as purely a reflection of ourselves. A sparkle of the same life force, simply in another body.  This kind of experience is difficult to put into words however it has be recounted time and time again by people sharing extended eye contact. Spirituality as an experience rather than a concept is an incredibly powerful thing.

Being a part of something bigger than yourself
Spirituality expands our sense of self into the knowing that we belong to larger global family. True strength is not what we can achieve on our own but how strongly we can bind together our hearts, intentions and actions as a unified force for love. This feeling can connect us all. We are each, a divine single thread in a woven masterpiece. By participating with hundreds of thousands of others in the global eye contact experiment we send a powerful message to ourselves, our family, community, country and Earth that beautiful things are possible when we focus on the collective benefit.


Experiencing and celebrating community.
It’s said that we don’t ‘create’ community, but that we simply finally decide to say ‘YES’ to engaging in and celebrating the community (‘common-unity’) that is already and always surrounding us. On the 21st of September, 2019 you are invited to engage with and celebrate a global family, commonly unified by the desire to create more loving connection throughout all of humanity. We celebrate our unity and ALSO the diversity of the human race in all it’s colorful expressions without bias.

Giving and receiving each other’s gifts.
We ALL have uniques gifts to bring. The giving of our own innate gifts and the receiving of others gifts is of equal importance. There are gifts we are excited to unwrap. And maybe those that we feel  uncomfortable unwrapping. Have you ever attempted to give a gift and it wasn’t graciously received? For example, a compliment that was instantly reflected back, cast aside as irrelevant or untrue or simply ignored? That experience tends to discourage us from giving the same gift in the future. It can seem like they are saying ‘I don’t receive YOU’.

Allowing a person to gaze deeply into your being is a communication that says ‘Yes, I receive you. I graciously receive the gift that is you.’

Everyone is worthy.
If Love invited you to a party and said,
everyone in the ballroom tonight
will be my special guest…

How would you then treat them when you arrived?
Indeed, indeed!
And I know there is no one in this world
Who is not upon his jeweled dance floor.

That poem was adapted from Hafiz the timeless Persian poet, and his words couldn’t be more true to the fundamental message this experience of eye contact creates for others. No matter your personal situation, you and every other human on this Earth is welcome and invited to participate in validating each other with heart felt eye contact.

How do you feel sharing eye contact can be a spiritual experience? Find out for yourself by joining the global event on the 21st of September here or watching this video from last year’s global act of unity.

Written by Michelle Passmore
Image credit: Beatrice Valessina, Lecco, Italy 2016

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