Why I Do What I Do

Whilst out on the rocky outcrops on a distant farm in the heart of India I made a very important promise to myself. I promised that I was going to give my greatest gift to this world and do everything that was required to make it a daily act of giving. It took me 5 years of deep conscious searching through the shadows of the unknown to discover it, I wasn’t about to throw it away to the wind the moment I found it.

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Liberators Set Public Arena Free! (Video)

It was halloween on Friday night so The Liberators decided to meet up n’ create our own dance of freedom challenge. The first thing we noticed when we hit the streets was the freedom in the air, everyone was dressed up and it was totally ok. This lead us to think…why can’t everyday feel like halloween? Why do we need to wait for a unified day to feel free in the clothes we wear on a Saturday night? I don’t know about you but I much prefer feeling free and able to wear what ever I like without the fear of judgement… all the time. This short 1 minute video was spontaneously created to celebrate with The Liberators.

World Peace Video is Here!

Lot’s of love, laugher and joy was shared to create this uplifting video of peace. It may seem like a few people having fun but i’d like you to consider what would happen if this was done between two opposing sides of misunderstanding. If they could share this moment together then sit down for a shared community picnic afterwards what would arise? How would they feel about their differences?


The Dance of Freedom Video Challenge!

All of the people on this blog are invited to become a part of the Dance of Freedom video challenge! All you have to do is;

1. Nominate two friends on video to participate in the challenge.
2. Record yourself dancing freely in a public space.
3. Upload the video to the facebook event wall found here.
4. Tag the two friends you nominated with a 24 hour time limit to complete the challenge.

This video is the first of the series. I look forward to sharing more acts of freedom with you soon!