Blind Trust Experiment Video is going Viral!

The Liberators most recent video is currently travelling the globe!!! It was 3 years ago that the GoodVibers originally came up with the Blind Trust idea, giving humanity a chance to experience and express trust in a public space. This time 3 years down the track, we worked with a local indigenous Australian girl named Jasirah from the ICEA Foundation to create a powerful piece for Australia. Due to the controversial nature of this video we had to keep it a secret until it’s release on the local TV network. You are one of the first in the world to view this video. Much love to everyone who has been a part of this cosmic journey. I guarantee, this is just the beginning.

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Going Viral Again + Personal Mix of Music

In just 5 days we’ve gone from 152 likes on The Liberators facebook page to more than 30,000 likes. Our video has been officially shared by Jamiroquai and our new Train Party video has been viewed more than 10 million times across the globe. It’s encouraging to receive such a positive response to the work we create. I’m excited for the future as we continue to gain momentum we have plenty of future projects lined up that are certain to further uplift and inspire acts of love and kindness across our planet.

The next big video release will be on the 9th of March and I believe it’s going to change the face of Australian history.

Until then…here’s a personal mix of music I created whilst feeling inspired the other day. It’s more of a softer, sensual combination of tunes i’ve been digging lately. Enjoy 🙂

Beyond our Differences There is Love and Humanity!

It’s taken over a month to complete this video and I’m proud to say it was worth the wait. This is a magnificent example of how our loving acts of free expression are able unify large groups of people who don’t know each other. The crowd was a dynamic mix of gay, lesbian, bi, trans, straight, international, local, old & young. If there was anything I learned it was that harmony is a reality when we move past our differences and allow ourselves to celebrate together as one human family.

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Living by Giving through India (Ch. 29 – Collecting the Essence)


After a delicious coconut rice breakfast Ananda asks if I’d like to take a shower. I agree but don’t realise that i’d have to collect the cold water from the open water pipe sticking out of the ground up the hill first. His son Arun comes with me and shows me what he does every morning to get water. My appreciation for running water is quickly redefined at this moment.

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Epic Video from Shenton College Dance of Freedom!

This vibrant and uplifting music video explores what’s possible when we allow each other to be free and playful. This was created as part of Mental Health week with the Senior School students of Shenton College. I am honoured to have been able to share this experience with so many incredible people at the same high-school I went to when I was younger!

Special thanks to Shakira, the school psychologist for organising this wonderful opportunity.

Time to Take Good Vibrations to The World!!!

This is it people, time to jump into life with everything we’ve got!! I’m on a mission to take Good Vibrations to the World and this never before seen video will show you why I’m about to do what i’m about to do!  If you like what you see you can show your support by sharing this video and or donating towards the crowd funding campaign!

The next month is going to be very interesting, scary and colourful here on Inspiralight! Stay tuned for more updates.

Much love and light to you all!