Heart-felt Message from the Soul

Have you ever had the feeling you’ve stumbled across something that could change the future of the world? Have you ever felt so deeply within your being that you’ve been placed on this planet for a reason far greater than that of inward, personal desire?

After years of experimenting with life through the darkness of the unknown I’ve found access Continue reading

Re-igniting the soul


Over the next month I’m going to re-ignite the soul in a number of different ways. One of those ways will involve me telling stories on trains, the others will involve me dancing freely within supermarkets. A whole number of more experiences will be generated with the people in an attempt to re-ignite the human spirit. Those of you who wish to be a part of the creation of these experiences I ask that you step forward. Make your voice heard.

We’ve got spirits to ignite.

Pete Continue reading


Unlocking is the central idea behind this blog, it’s the idea of understanding ourselves and removing the invisible barriers that prevent us from living the life we really want to live. If we think back to our ships it would be the idea of having a clear map, a smashing crew with all sails set and going in our own direction. The direction we take is in constant evolution and there is never a clear-cut path but I do believe there are ways to increase our chances of doing what we love and enjoying everything we do. Here are a few of them; Continue reading

What is expected of us vs what we want for ourselves

We grow up surrounded by influence and ideas. Our parents tell us one thing, our friends tell us another, our countries culture tell us something else. When growing up amongst it all it can be extremely difficult to distinguish our own internal voice. Are we really acting and doing the things today because it was our own decision or was it the sum social force of external influence? Continue reading

Creative explosion

I can’t control it I just feel it’s presence extend to all extremities of the body seamlessly interconnected with the universe. I become one with another force, I don’t have any cinks or imperfections. I’m a free flowing ball of energy that intertwines and interprets the sounds through physical expression. Complete acceptance of oneself in my own form and all that is around me. Continue reading