Imagine If Every Train Had a Social Carriage Like This!

You step inside and welcome staff greet you pleasantly with a smile at the door. You are given gentle acknowledgement for your unique presence on this train. You find a seat with a comfortable pillow on it and notice fresh and thought provoking conversation cards hanging from the railings above. Another passenger who is sitting next to you kindly turns and decides to ask you one of the questions; “For what in your life are you most grateful?”. Before you’ve even had time to think about awkwardly moving towards your mobile phone, you’ve been engaged with an authentically interesting question.

You look around the rest of the carriage and notice, Continue reading

Bob Marley Unites Humanity in the World’s Biggest Sing-along (Video)

There’s nothing like a Bob Marley song to brighten up your day, but would you be game enough to sing it with total strangers on public transport? Well, commuters around the world did just that on a Monday morning commute when they took part in the world’s biggest sing-along – and the vision is set to become a viral hit.

Marley’s hit song ‘Three Little Birds’ took centre stage on buses, trains, and boats in 18 countries and 25 cities around the world. Hundreds of unsuspecting passengers were handed lyrics and encouraged to take part in the sing-along. So what happened next? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Continue reading

Train Party v2.0

On the eve before Valentines day at around 10pm, The Liberators and I started a pop-up dance party on a public train. We had an uplifting mix of music playing from a portable sound system and within a minute we had the entire carriage dancing. We then moved the train party up to the other carriages of the train to meet, greet and celebrate with the other members of the public.

Together we’re allowing people to see they’re already free and surrounded in love. Through our playful, loving expressions of freedom we’re dropping the need to feel afraid of the unknown. Together we’re providing experiential proof that when we lead with love, a healthier, more accepting social paradigm organically forms itself. Here is the mix of music we used and a few photos from the experience. Video coming soon.

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Living by Giving through India (Ch. 6 – The Man from Japan)

Ch6 meeting the man from japan

I feel that physical movement across land is an essential part of awakening the state of travel, aeroplanes are cool and all but they can sometimes be a little ‘disconnected’. Get inside a box, watch tv, eat food, have awkward moments squeezing past people on the way to the toilet, go to sleep and then wake up on the other side of the planet. I was excited to have the wind blasting through my voluptuous short hair. Continue reading

Inspiring Story Telling on a Public Train

It was very challenging at first, the current social paradigm says that anyone who talks on trains generally want’s to take something from us. This was an attempt to slowly change that by making interactions on trains not about taking but instead about giving value and love to others. This is part of the Take Good Vibrations to the World Campaign.


Do you think it’s possible to make things more interesting and friendly on public transport?

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