TEDx Talk That Changed My Life

I took a number of risks in presenting this speech at TEDx Perth to over 1500 of Perth’s most influential people at the red carpeted Perth Concert Hall. Moments before jumping on stage I was supposed to be getting ready, rehearsing my speech but instead I was rallying troops backstage to surprise the entire audience flashmob style with a last minute concept I was sure was going to transform the speech into something worth talking about (Be sure to watch till the end if you want to find out what happens for a first time on TED!).

The speech itself is only 15 minutes long and takes a concise look at 3 of my most influential pieces of work and how they’ve gone on to effecting the world & myself personally. I dive into the idea of how my experiment trusting others in public has exploded into a global movement for peace, how dancing with others on a train changed my life forever & the way in which sharing eye contact in public allows for humans to participate in rebuilding our sense of peace on earth.

I am honoured to be running The Liberators International & look forward to sharing more great moments by cultivating global sense of community with you shortly.

Kind regards,

Peter Sharp


Train Party v2.0

On the eve before Valentines day at around 10pm, The Liberators and I started a pop-up dance party on a public train. We had an uplifting mix of music playing from a portable sound system and within a minute we had the entire carriage dancing. We then moved the train party up to the other carriages of the train to meet, greet and celebrate with the other members of the public.

Together we’re allowing people to see they’re already free and surrounded in love. Through our playful, loving expressions of freedom we’re dropping the need to feel afraid of the unknown. Together we’re providing experiential proof that when we lead with love, a healthier, more accepting social paradigm organically forms itself. Here is the mix of music we used and a few photos from the experience. Video coming soon.

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WOW…Did That Just Happen?

WOW…That was a fully charged experience! 20 Liberators and I just attempted to start a moving Dance Party on the train from Claremont to Mosman Park Station and ended in an explosively positive response from the public. We had more than half the carriage including a 60 year old woman, a few mothers, a young couple and a family up and moving to the vibes of James Brown along with countless others all moving and grooving to the moment. We just proved that the human spirit is still alive and kicking!

I believe plenty of stories were told around dinner tables tonight. I look forward to sharing more soon. Thank you all for making this possible. Keep letting your soul free and have a liberated weekend!!!

Just after the Transperth Train Dance Party 2014

Just after the Transperth Train Dance Party 2014