2014: A Powerful Year in Review

BAM! 2014 hit faster and harder than any year i’ve ever been involved in before. I’ve had butterflies for life racing through my deepest being and it feels as if i’ve gone through a powerful metamorphosis. An evolutionary unlocking of self that has allowed myself and many others to jump deep into the unknown territories of removing the mask of judgement in public.

Each and every step has Continue reading

Can You Hear Our Mother’s Calling?

For those thinking about adding to the 7 billion in rotation i’d like you to consider the following; If the world population was to consume at the rate of the U.S we’d require more than 6 planets to sustain ourselves today. Our global rate of consumption multiplied by our population increase does not take into account the fact that Continue reading

The Conscious Custodians

We are travelling through space at 107,826 kph rotating around the presence of a 4.5 billion year old burning star. The sun itself is the provider of all light. We do not need to imagine a great, it already exists and continues to provide life to our planet. Like a Father it has been constantly giving enabling Mother nature to grow of which she has also endured billions of years of giving and hardship to ensure the possibility of today. Continue reading

Nothing but Incredible!

A question that’s been on a few peoples mind of late has been, why don’t I have a job? I’ve been home for 3 months but why am I choosing to live in my parents living room not even looking for a job? It can sometimes be incredibly difficult to comprehend, especially when you’ve lived in another country, second if you’ve started a social movement, third if you’ve pushed yourself into some incredibly powerful life changing personal situations. Combine all three and you find yourself a life cocktail for a deep and profound desire to give something incredible into this world.

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