8 Blind Assumptions We Are Taught To Believe (Pt. 1)

How much of our daily interaction is based on blind assumptions passed down to us from yesterdays story? How many times have you consciously questioned your own fundamentals? How often do you consciously pave a new path of personal discovery to re-write your own understanding of the cultural operating system? If there’s anything I’ve uncovered by personally questioning the envelope it’s that many of yesterdays assumptions we’ve been taught to exchange our lives for are outdated, inappropriate and unsustainable for today and tomorrow’s future.

The longer we live without questioning the fundamentals, the bigger the bubble gets and the greater the long term consequences. So as a way of addressing the elephant in the room I’m going to open discussion around 8 blind assumptions we are taught to believe that I think are holding many of us back. You’ve no doubt noticed a lot more and I’d love to know what you’ve noticed.

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How & Why I’m Connected to the Global Awakening.

It all started back when I was a DJ playing parties around Perth with a good mate Jake Stone. We would uplift energies within social spaces mixing a variety of new and classic sounds together. During my practice as DJ I started to attune my ability to read, listen and feel the collective consciousness on the dance floor. A large part of being a good DJ I believe is about being able to “feel the floor”. Continue reading