10 Questions with Jae West from Latest Self-Acceptance Experiment.

What happened?
At 8pm on a Saturday the 13th of August Jae West from The Liberators International conducted a social experiment addressing the issue of beauty and self-acceptance in Times Square NYC. She placed a little stool in the middle of the square and sat down blindfolded. An electronic shaver in one hand a sharp pair of scissors in the other. A handwritten sign sat by her side with a handwritten message saying ‘Beauty isn’t dependent on our external appearance. Cut or shave off a piece of my hair to support this message’.

Why did you do what you did? Continue reading


Body Image Experiment Australia (Written by Cass Cormack)

“That day I felt two emotions – both shaking with fear and unconditional love. Love from the crowd, love from the people. “Are you cold?” people were asking me. “No, I’m just scared” said Amandine whilst blindfolded in public. Continue reading

How to Strengthen Your Self Worth

In here lies three of the tangible secrets to building self worth, unlock this and find everything in your world shift. Understanding and strengthening our self worth is a life skill that can be improved by going through certain life experiences. Contrary to popular belief, self worth is not always improved by focusing inwardly on ourselves. It’s in the pursuit of things greater than ourselves that we discover some of life’s most powerful hidden treasures.  Here are a number of tools that can be used in our daily lives to naturally increase self worth. Continue reading