10 Questions with Jae West from Latest Self-Acceptance Experiment.

What happened?
At 8pm on a Saturday the 13th of August Jae West from The Liberators International conducted a social experiment addressing the issue of beauty and self-acceptance in Times Square NYC. She placed a little stool in the middle of the square and sat down blindfolded. An electronic shaver in one hand a sharp pair of scissors in the other. A handwritten sign sat by her side with a handwritten message saying ‘Beauty isn’t dependent on our external appearance. Cut or shave off a piece of my hair to support this message’.

Why did you do what you did? Continue reading


Creative explosion

I can’t control it I just feel it’s presence extend to all extremities of the body seamlessly interconnected with the universe. I become one with another force, I don’t have any cinks or imperfections. I’m a free flowing ball of energy that intertwines and interprets the sounds through physical expression. Complete acceptance of oneself in my own form and all that is around me. Continue reading