Living by Giving Through India (Thank You & Being Vulnerable)

Towards the very end of my experience in Chennai, India I had spent over 5 days working incredibly long hours, navigating through confusing Indian language barriers, building friendships with dancers, artists and taxi drivers from the local slum to create uplifting social art with the people. Finally after 5 days of my most testing life experience I was given access to a school of 60 children. They stopped everything they were doing that day to allow me to create an inspiring music video. After we finished recording the video I wanted to say thank you with something more than words. This is what I did.

Epic Video from Shenton College Dance of Freedom!

This vibrant and uplifting music video explores what’s possible when we allow each other to be free and playful. This was created as part of Mental Health week with the Senior School students of Shenton College. I am honoured to have been able to share this experience with so many incredible people at the same high-school I went to when I was younger!

Special thanks to Shakira, the school psychologist for organising this wonderful opportunity.

Living by Giving through India (Ch. 24 – Stark Contrast)


We go on a quick tour of their place of education. Everything is at the bare minimum. The stark contrast in facilities which I grew up with in Perth, Australia make me feel something sickening I hadn’t really felt before. I had never been able to truly appreciate how much of my life I took for granted until now. I suddenly feel selfish for spending so much of my childhood with such a small perspective of the world. My mind races off to past memories of me complaining about not getting enough ice cream or being upset about going on holiday to Europe because i’d be away from school friends. All of this comes crashing into my consciousness whilst still on the tour with Anoor and his friends. By the end of our tour, he offers to show me his village. I politely ask him if this is an authentic offer of kindness or if this is an offer of business.


The Classroom

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