Train Party v2.0

On the eve before Valentines day at around 10pm, The Liberators and I started a pop-up dance party on a public train. We had an uplifting mix of music playing from a portable sound system and within a minute we had the entire carriage dancing. We then moved the train party up to the other carriages of the train to meet, greet and celebrate with the other members of the public.

Together we’re allowing people to see they’re already free and surrounded in love. Through our playful, loving expressions of freedom we’re dropping the need to feel afraid of the unknown. Together we’re providing experiential proof that when we lead with love, a healthier, more accepting social paradigm organically forms itself. Here is the mix of music we used and a few photos from the experience. Video coming soon.

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Spontaneous Pop-up Party with 30 Young Teenagers!

I went to the beach last night to make a video for an upcoming event with Michelle Passmore & we stumbled across 30 young teenagers hanging out by the beach. The notorious Bass Wagon was in the boot of the car so we decided to roll it out and see if they’d like to dance. This is what happened…

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