New Radio Show Coming Alive!

This is the first episode of a new morning radio-show I’ve called Coming Alive. It’s a combination of my passion for sharing undiscovered music and uplifting spoken word insights that happen to flow through me when I dare to let them out.

I’ll be honest in saying I am terrified sharing this with you as it’s new territory I haven’t fully explored before. I feel vulnerable, walking the plank of my own creative unknown. That being said, I can also sense that this is a wonderful way to share my vision for the future and ultimately one of the best ways to improve my craft. My aim is to enhance your morning experience, giving you pep in your step and a boost of clarity towards your vision in becoming a better more authentically aligned and alive human being.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section as I’m still learning and growing and would love to hear from you.


A Wild Morning Full of Glory!

The atmosphere was electric as creative leaders from around the world huddled together at 5am on a brisk Wednesday morning outside of London’s Oval Space venue, excited to share their special gifts with the hundreds of locals ready to rave their way into the day. The first hurdle came when realising that we were locked out of the venue with our set up time rapidly declining.

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