The Spiritual Connection to Eye Contact by Michelle Passmore

Remember that we are one and fundamentally united.
Something magical happens during extended eye contact (also called eye gazing or soul gazing). This moment arises when we forget that there’s a “you” and a “me” and we become engulfed in an experience of unity. Personalities, gender, social class, beliefs etc all melt away. And we are left with this recognition of the other as purely a reflection of ourselves. A sparkle of the Continue reading

New Global Eye Contact Event Is Taking Off!

The 2nd annual Eye Contact Experiment is exploding with people from all over the world rushing in to host and participate in what’s shaping up to be the biggest year yet! Last year over 100,000 people from more than 151 different cities participated in sharing eye contact with strangers in public spaces to re-build a sense of human connection right around the globe. “This year we’ve already had over Continue reading

Living by Giving through India (Ch. 16 – Accidentally in Love)


I arrive back to Anjuna tired, so I dump my things in the Evershine Guesthouse and grab a piece of comfort food at a local restaurant just opposite. From the moment I enter the Free Soul Café I notice something special about the space. The attention to detail is of great pride and positivity, the menu is refreshingly different and the service from who appears to be the owner is down right exceptional! Continue reading