Why Stopping for One Minute Could Change Your Life.

In a world where people are scared to talk to strangers, knock on their neighbour’s doors, dance, sing, speak their mind or express themselves in public (the very things that came naturally to us as children), isn’t it time we began breaking through these self limiting beliefs? 

Born in Perth, Western Australia; the most isolated city in the world where ‘nothing ever happens’, it seems that things are now well and truly happening: what was once a small group of outcasts & dreamers has now become a global network of a hundred thousand strong; The Liberators International. Modern-day game changers, who’s revolutionary new social experiments are continuing to gain momentum, expand their horizons and win powerful new allies. Continue reading

Daring to Follow My Inner Voice.

It’s incredible to live a life that’s terrifying. For years I’ve intentionally been living in the living room of my parents house, pushing through the shadows of fear and doubt about where it was all leading. I knew deep down I had found my soul calling, my reason to serve humanity. But I’ll tell you, it’s incredibly hard to find your way in a world that’s trying to ensure you stay on the predictable path of expectation and endless accumulation of wealth, status and material possession.


I believe it’s difficult because we live in a distracted society, one that’s actively separating us from Continue reading

Why I Do What I Do

Whilst out on the rocky outcrops on a distant farm in the heart of India I made a very important promise to myself. I promised that I was going to give my greatest gift to this world and do everything that was required to make it a daily act of giving. It took me 5 years of deep conscious searching through the shadows of the unknown to discover it, I wasn’t about to throw it away to the wind the moment I found it.

g0n1 Continue reading

2012: The year of running into the unknown

Instead of sticking to the predictable tightrope of life, I’ve jumped off the rope and run into the unknown. Often I can’t see further ahead of me than a few weeks, days or sometimes seconds and It scares me to think how far into the darkness I’ve come. Sometimes when I stop I look back I can’t even see the tightrope anymore. I’ve distanced myself from predictability in a way and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find it again. Then I think, do I even want to find it again? Continue reading

Unlocking the brave warrior

I believe we are all born brave warriors constantly testing the rules of life …we venture out into the unknown mentally and physically without hesitation or prejudice. Trying to walk, learning to ride, learning to talk, speaking our minds, tasting dirt sandwiches, touching and experimenting with the life without caring what ‘society might think’. As the years go on however, our outlook starts to become unintentionally blurred. Continue reading

A new beginning.

Eleven months ago I set myself a challenge to become a man venturing into the unknown land of Spain by myself, setting up in a city where I didn’t know anyone or the language. I quickly realised that I was in fact a baby who hadn’t even become a teenager yet! When I pushed up against the reality of the world I was seriously smashed into the ground by it’s unforgiving powers. Continue reading