Why Stopping for One Minute Could Change Your Life.

In a world where people are scared to talk to strangers, knock on their neighbour’s doors, dance, sing, speak their mind or express themselves in public (the very things that came naturally to us as children), isn’t it time we began breaking through these self limiting beliefs? 

Born in Perth, Western Australia; the most isolated city in the world where ‘nothing ever happens’, it seems that things are now well and truly happening: what was once a small group of outcasts & dreamers has now become a global network of a hundred thousand strong; The Liberators International. Modern-day game changers, who’s revolutionary new social experiments are continuing to gain momentum, expand their horizons and win powerful new allies. Continue reading

Video Documentary on The Liberators International

A few months ago I got an unexpected email from a uni student Anna Bendz who asked if she could interview me for her media project. Little did I know she’d put so many of her own hours into creating a short documentary like this. Her team have crafted this beautiful piece of work to uncover a little more about my personal journey and how I ended up creating The Liberators International. I am honoured to have worked with such a professional group of people on my life journey. I deeply honour all the people who have helped me on this pathway through Liberation & Good Vibrations.

Wild Weekend with Magic!

This weekend was big, we (The Liberators) transformed a busy public Train Station into a dynamic playground of love and freedom, then we drove 2 hours north into the Australian outback to create powerfully peaceful connections at a peace festival!

If you’re wondering about the magic, the photos do little justice to the magical feeling we achieved with people of all ages and backgrounds. Collectively we awoke a playful sense of freedom from within the hearts of the participants. Most of the public had no idea what was about to happen, we just involved them in games and activities and before long we had a heaving dance of freedom at the train station!

Here are a few of the photos from both experiences.

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