Official Trailer for The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2015

We’re so freaking excited about what’s going to happen on Thursday the 15th of October we’ve created an official video trailer with never before seen footage to share with you!

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Empathy Experiment Video

This video experiment flips the perspective on homelessness and invites the public to empathise. We setup right in the middle of the CBD and found the public reaction eye opening. What would you do?

Media Release: The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2015

So What Is Actually Happening?

Over 90,000 people from more than 115 cities have nominated themselves to simultaneously sit in an iconic plaza or square to share a minute’s eye contact with strangers on the 15th of October, 2015.  Each city records their experience on video and then submits their footage to The Liberators International HQ, in Perth Australia to edit their actions into a global compilation video. This global event calls upon citizens of planet Earth to volunteer and decide to be a part of the reason the world changed.

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The Sustainable Human Adventure Needs You in Europe!

Do you find train rides are often emotionless tunnels of separation? People brush past each other without sharing authentic eye contact and distrust has become the default state for many. The supporters of Sustainable Human page and many others aim to transform these stereotypes with 5 weeks of daring interactive adventure through Europe and they need your participation to make it happen!
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