Daring to Follow My Inner Voice.

It’s incredible to live a life that’s terrifying. For years I’ve intentionally been living in the living room of my parents house, pushing through the shadows of fear and doubt about where it was all leading. I knew deep down I had found my soul calling, my reason to serve humanity. But I’ll tell you, it’s incredibly hard to find your way in a world that’s trying to ensure you stay on the predictable path of expectation and endless accumulation of wealth, status and material possession.


I believe it’s difficult because we live in a distracted society, one that’s actively separating us from Continue reading

The Sustainable Human Adventure Needs You in Europe!

Do you find train rides are often emotionless tunnels of separation? People brush past each other without sharing authentic eye contact and distrust has become the default state for many. The supporters of Sustainable Human page and many others aim to transform these stereotypes with 5 weeks of daring interactive adventure through Europe and they need your participation to make it happen!
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8 Blind Assumptions We Are Taught To Believe (Pt. 2)

2. Work needs to be 9am – 5pm
Who would like the freedom to spend more time with their friends and family if they needed to? Being forced to work 7.5 hour days is designed to keep machine operators running machines at a maximum capacity and is a direct import from the out-of-date industrial revolution. Many of the modern jobs and technological advancements now mean we do not need to be held in the office from 9am to 5pm. This blind assumption is optimised for yesterdays story and has little to do with effective utilisation of human resources, our freedom and or living a healthy balanced life. Continue reading

One Way of Life?

Which way are you moving? Are you following everybody else just because? Are you working more hours than you want? Have you bought the new car yet? Do you have the girl/guy? Are you married? Are you saving for a house? Do you feel trapped in yesterday’s story? Are you happy for most of your week? Or do you feel the direction the majority is moving isn’t sustainable for ourselves or our planet? Are you questioning the norm and making smarter changes for our children?

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24, Tipping point

As I take a moment’s time to reflect on what has happened over the past year it feels like a powerful wave has been rising from beneath. It almost feels as if over the year I’ve been paddling in all sorts of directions, sampling different waves not knowing that something much bigger has been naturally rising from below. I am only now starting to realize the size of this wave and it is filled with a powerful force of unknown magnitude. As I look forward down the edge of my surfboard it feels like I’m at tipping point at the top of the wave. Continue reading

What is expected of us vs what we want for ourselves

We grow up surrounded by influence and ideas. Our parents tell us one thing, our friends tell us another, our countries culture tell us something else. When growing up amongst it all it can be extremely difficult to distinguish our own internal voice. Are we really acting and doing the things today because it was our own decision or was it the sum social force of external influence? Continue reading