New Radio Show Coming Alive!

This is the first episode of a new morning radio-show I’ve called Coming Alive. It’s a combination of my passion for sharing undiscovered music and uplifting spoken word insights that happen to flow through me when I dare to let them out.

I’ll be honest in saying I am terrified sharing this with you as it’s new territory I haven’t fully explored before. I feel vulnerable, walking the plank of my own creative unknown. That being said, I can also sense that this is a wonderful way to share my vision for the future and ultimately one of the best ways to improve my craft. My aim is to enhance your morning experience, giving you pep in your step and a boost of clarity towards your vision in becoming a better more authentically aligned and alive human being.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section as I’m still learning and growing and would love to hear from you.


WATCH: 400 Strangers Spontaneously Break Into Dance!

We’d never attempted something of this size before, the social experiment was to see if we could inspire hundreds of strangers to dance like nobody was watching in public. We prepared a giant moving sound system as seen in this picture and rolled into the centre of town with turbo charged butterflies in our stomachs.

It was Friday night, shops were open late, work had just finished, high heels and work shoes clicked across the pavement as thousands of people hustled through the centre of town. We’d arranged Continue reading

Blind Trust Experiment Video is going Viral!

The Liberators most recent video is currently travelling the globe!!! It was 3 years ago that the GoodVibers originally came up with the Blind Trust idea, giving humanity a chance to experience and express trust in a public space. This time 3 years down the track, we worked with a local indigenous Australian girl named Jasirah from the ICEA Foundation to create a powerful piece for Australia. Due to the controversial nature of this video we had to keep it a secret until it’s release on the local TV network. You are one of the first in the world to view this video. Much love to everyone who has been a part of this cosmic journey. I guarantee, this is just the beginning.

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Supermarket Freedom Dance

This happened by surprise! I went for a coffee with a young girl Gypsy-Rose and her mother Karen also joined us. Gypsy is interested in starting her own social artistry experiences here in Perth as part of her school project so we discussed various possibilities. I’m a big fan and representative of doing just as much as talking so we brainstormed a few ideas around the table and decided to create this Supermarket Freedom Dance. Be sure to watch until the end for the surprise finish. Enjoy.

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Freestyle Sun Dance Video

Just last weekend I decided to spend some time away in a secret camping hideaway in the western suburbs of Perth, Australia. During my stay out in the local bushland I was given the opportunity to wake up before the sun came up. I woke to the sound of the birds in the area and decided to make the most of the incredible morning light. Feeling inspired, I got up and danced along side the train line. This is the video of that moment.

Dance of Freedom v2.0 is coming…

I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t have time to waste being afraid of expressing my gifts anymore. I have found a way to ignite the spirits of others and if the world needs to see it being done on a large scale to believe it, then so be it. This Friday along with 60 others dressed in business suits we will open a new gateway for true potential to be expressed in public. This will quite quickly enable upwards of 200 people to experience and pass through it right in the centre of town.

Anyone living in Perth interested in coming down this Friday the 4th of July to experience the magic feel free to comment on this post and i’ll send you the details.

Stay tuned for updates!