Why Stopping for One Minute Could Change Your Life.

In a world where people are scared to talk to strangers, knock on their neighbour’s doors, dance, sing, speak their mind or express themselves in public (the very things that came naturally to us as children), isn’t it time we began breaking through these self limiting beliefs? 

Born in Perth, Western Australia; the most isolated city in the world where ‘nothing ever happens’, it seems that things are now well and truly happening: what was once a small group of outcasts & dreamers has now become a global network of a hundred thousand strong; The Liberators International. Modern-day game changers, who’s revolutionary new social experiments are continuing to gain momentum, expand their horizons and win powerful new allies. Continue reading

Dance of Freedom v2.0 is coming…

I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t have time to waste being afraid of expressing my gifts anymore. I have found a way to ignite the spirits of others and if the world needs to see it being done on a large scale to believe it, then so be it. This Friday along with 60 others dressed in business suits we will open a new gateway for true potential to be expressed in public. This will quite quickly enable upwards of 200 people to experience and pass through it right in the centre of town.

Anyone living in Perth interested in coming down this Friday the 4th of July to experience the magic feel free to comment on this post and i’ll send you the details.

Stay tuned for updates!