The Full Story from Jae West’s Latest Self-Acceptance Experiment

As I walked into Time Square NYC at 8pm on a Saturday night, surrounded by conflicting messages on bright billboards of what beauty is in our society, I couldn’t help but feel nervous for what was about to unfold. Thousands of people from all different ages, backgrounds and nationalities congregated, taking selfies in the iconic scenery of The Big Apple oblivious to what I was about to do.

Jae Experiment

Although I had spent hours predicting all the things that could go wrong with the Continue reading

The dark side of physical beauty

It’s a naturally occurring desire our culture has endlessly obsessed, idolised and twisted. Unlike most of the other desirable human characteristics such as trust, respect, compassion, empathy and love It’s something we have found a way to monetize with such power and force it has generated billions of dollars profit and also left billions of ‘normal’ people in psychological ruins after feeling ‘inadequate & not quite good enough’. But what if we were to look at the side of physical beauty the media, cosmetics companies, fashion magazines, and clothing companies fail to mention? Continue reading