25 & Breaking Through

The past year has felt like I strapped myself to the front of the high speed TGV vortex of life, travelling multiple light years of experience within the space of a single year. I have consciously smashed through countless walls of fear, many of which I didn’t even know existed. I have moved away from Continue reading

GoodVibers: Results from the Sunshine Tour! (Part 1)

We met at 10am in the morning, 3 cars, 10 people and a whole truckload of positive energy. It started to rain in the very beginning and we didn’t frown we danced to celebrate. The GoodVibers had been united under the umbrella of positivity and this was just the beginning of a weekend adventure bigger than any other we had ever embarked on!

We were going to be positive rain or shine

We were going to be positive rain or shine

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