What I Learned, Sharing Massage with Strangers

Yesterday I decided to massage strangers in public with a few friends. I learned that when we respectfully touch others in this way, we are subconsciously and consciously sending a message that says “I see you, I value you and I care for you”. I discovered there is a tremendous healing power in creating tangible experiences like this.

Free Massage 2018-22

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Living by Giving through India (Ch. 21 – The Hidden Truth)


I take it upon my shoulders to continue the adventure with full effect, no more hiding behind travel books or doors. I jump straight onto my bike in the morning and bobble through cobbled streets feeling the warm morning breeze brush past my face. I pass the 7th Century built Virupaksha Temple in absolute awe and notice a humble man on the side of the road selling hand made jewellery & coconuts.

Virupaksha Temple

World Heritage Listed, 7th Century Virupaksha Temple

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