Here I share stories of people who find the energy to create their own path doing what they feel passionate about. It is by interviewing these everyday people I aim to empower myself and others to start taking steps towards their own dreams.

Here’s a collection of my best interviews and side projects!


If you know someone you think would be a great candidate I’d love to hear from you by sending an email here!

History of Interviews

Life Coach, Martina Blazkova – 11th March 2012
Quality Street Artists – 8th November 2012
Barcelona Improv Group – 22nd February 2013
Hiphop & Contemporary Dancer – 13th April 2013
Flea Market Barcelona – 21st April 2013
Jade Cintron, Being a confident woman – 30th May 2013
BCN Roller Dance – 19th of July 2013

3 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. The world needs more spontaneity. I loved your hug videos and dance videos and it may be obvious, if we were willing to be more spontaneous, we’d experience more joy, we’d learn more, we’d become more aware of things we’d otherwise not be. If we were less scheduled, or expected to follow why our plan was. I love to take offshoots and be willing to see what there is to experience beyond the plan. As an artist, i may begin with an idea of what i want to create, but as I go, it creates itself. As I write poetry, I let it flow, then I go back and tighter it up and sometimes I take it in a completely different direction– or it I am being mentored by someone and they look at what I have written, they might take a tiny snippet and say, Develop this: this is the story Id like to know more about! And if I am willing not to be married to my original idea, I can be amazed at what wants to be conveyed by the universe. The mentor had no idea where id take it– didn’t direct it, just said i want to know more about this snippet. Neither of us knew , and then if I am willing a whole different animal arises.

    I had an idea for another social experiment which might be the same really, but My thought was to go to a hotel beach or pool and be the person who gets up and rallies the crowd to play a game like pool volley ball or something else… Says something like, I want to play volleyball but i need two teams… would you like to play? and then once you’ve got two people, the likelihood of rallying more is better. I have read a social theory that its not really the first person who is influential, its the second person. The second person who agrees to engage and team up with the first person makes the first person who is just weird, OK…

    • Hey Booksaboutpeace, cheers for the well constructed insightful comment. I really like your social experiment idea. We could potentially do it down at the beach whilst it’s still hot here in Perth. Thanks!

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