Creative Freedom on the Beach

On Saturday morning something wonderful happened. A well respected Yogi, 6 live musicians, 60 connected people and The Liberators came together on a local beach to explore the idea of creative freedom. We started with a calming meditation, progressed into yoga asana then The Liberators stepped up and used games of liberation to create harmonious and uplifting energy amongst the people. Dance circles, giant volleyball and a dance of freedom in the ocean were a few of the liberating games we played! We finished the session by grounding ourselves in some deep meditation and a few more yoga poses. All in all a wonderful experience!

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Living by Giving Through India (Thank You & Being Vulnerable)

Towards the very end of my experience in Chennai, India I had spent over 5 days working incredibly long hours, navigating through confusing Indian language barriers, building friendships with dancers, artists and taxi drivers from the local slum to create uplifting social art with the people. Finally after 5 days of my most testing life experience I was given access to a school of 60 children. They stopped everything they were doing that day to allow me to create an inspiring music video. After we finished recording the video I wanted to say thank you with something more than words. This is what I did.

2014: A Powerful Year in Review

BAM! 2014 hit faster and harder than any year i’ve ever been involved in before. I’ve had butterflies for life racing through my deepest being and it feels as if i’ve gone through a powerful metamorphosis. An evolutionary unlocking of self that has allowed myself and many others to jump deep into the unknown territories of removing the mask of judgement in public.

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Beyond our Differences There is Love and Humanity!

It’s taken over a month to complete this video and I’m proud to say it was worth the wait. This is a magnificent example of how our loving acts of free expression are able unify large groups of people who don’t know each other. The crowd was a dynamic mix of gay, lesbian, bi, trans, straight, international, local, old & young. If there was anything I learned it was that harmony is a reality when we move past our differences and allow ourselves to celebrate together as one human family.

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Supermarket Freedom Dance

This happened by surprise! I went for a coffee with a young girl Gypsy-Rose and her mother Karen also joined us. Gypsy is interested in starting her own social artistry experiences here in Perth as part of her school project so we discussed various possibilities. I’m a big fan and representative of doing just as much as talking so we brainstormed a few ideas around the table and decided to create this Supermarket Freedom Dance. Be sure to watch until the end for the surprise finish. Enjoy.

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Freestyle Sun Dance Video

Just last weekend I decided to spend some time away in a secret camping hideaway in the western suburbs of Perth, Australia. During my stay out in the local bushland I was given the opportunity to wake up before the sun came up. I woke to the sound of the birds in the area and decided to make the most of the incredible morning light. Feeling inspired, I got up and danced along side the train line. This is the video of that moment.

Why I Do What I Do

Whilst out on the rocky outcrops on a distant farm in the heart of India I made a very important promise to myself. I promised that I was going to give my greatest gift to this world and do everything that was required to make it a daily act of giving. It took me 5 years of deep conscious searching through the shadows of the unknown to discover it, I wasn’t about to throw it away to the wind the moment I found it.

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