Living by Giving through India (Ch. 18 – The Interesting Truth Behind Kapel)


Throughout the experience of giving outside the Free Soul Cafe, Kapel very kindly offers me all sorts of drinks to keep me refreshed and offers me a free lunch when I finish. I not once asked him for any of these things. It was through the action of selflessly giving that he naturally felt happy to provide something of his own. Not only was he finding ways to return the gesture but Continue reading

Questioning Santa

I woke from a dream last night, I was standing in-front of millions yelling from the depth of my heart to focus on the people not the money. Thankfully the people are realizing this for themselves, together we are lifting the veils that have been placed over our eyes for generations. Together we are finding ways to interpret the world around us as it is, not as the way others want us to interpret it. In a way it’s almost as if the world is realising ‘Santa’ isn’t real. Continue reading