TEDx Talk That Changed My Life

I took a number of risks in presenting this speech at TEDx Perth to over 1500 of Perth’s most influential people at the red carpeted Perth Concert Hall. Moments before jumping on stage I was supposed to be getting ready, rehearsing my speech but instead I was rallying troops backstage to surprise the entire audience flashmob style with a last minute concept I was sure was going to transform the speech into something worth talking about (Be sure to watch till the end if you want to find out what happens for a first time on TED!).

The speech itself is only 15 minutes long and takes a concise look at 3 of my most influential pieces of work and how they’ve gone on to effecting the world & myself personally. I dive into the idea of how my experiment trusting others in public has exploded into a global movement for peace, how dancing with others on a train changed my life forever & the way in which sharing eye contact in public allows for humans to participate in rebuilding our sense of peace on earth.

I am honoured to be running The Liberators International & look forward to sharing more great moments by cultivating global sense of community with you shortly.

Kind regards,

Peter Sharp


Video Documentary on The Liberators International

A few months ago I got an unexpected email from a uni student Anna Bendz who asked if she could interview me for her media project. Little did I know she’d put so many of her own hours into creating a short documentary like this. Her team have crafted this beautiful piece of work to uncover a little more about my personal journey and how I ended up creating The Liberators International. I am honoured to have worked with such a professional group of people on my life journey. I deeply honour all the people who have helped me on this pathway through Liberation & Good Vibrations.

How & Why I’m Connected to the Global Awakening.

It all started back when I was a DJ playing parties around Perth with a good mate Jake Stone. We would uplift energies within social spaces mixing a variety of new and classic sounds together. During my practice as DJ I started to attune my ability to read, listen and feel the collective consciousness on the dance floor. A large part of being a good DJ I believe is about being able to “feel the floor”. Continue reading

Living by Giving through India (Ch. 6 – The Man from Japan)

Ch6 meeting the man from japan

I feel that physical movement across land is an essential part of awakening the state of travel, aeroplanes are cool and all but they can sometimes be a little ‘disconnected’. Get inside a box, watch tv, eat food, have awkward moments squeezing past people on the way to the toilet, go to sleep and then wake up on the other side of the planet. I was excited to have the wind blasting through my voluptuous short hair. Continue reading

Dance of Freedom Video! v2.0

WOAH! This experience totally blew everyone away!!! I knew it was going to be electrifying but I never expected this. Many of the participants were people from the public who knew nothing about what was going to happen. The fact that so many did what they did raises some interesting questions about the norm that we currently live in…Feel free to comment with what you think!

3 important lessons I learned from my first crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Humans require tangible outcomes before they think about parting ways with money.
    300 watches is a tangible outcome that people can wrap their minds around. Going on a trip through America to tour your band is tangible. When it comes to something like liberating the human race from the invisible chains that keeps much of the human spirit trapped and restricted it’s a little harder to quantify. People can’t Continue reading