Imagine a world were people are as passionate about creating a more harmonious and sustainable future as they are their favourite sports team winning.

This blog is the place where you will find all of the work I’ve created through my burning curiosity to awaken and unify humanity with acts of love and kindness. I believe providing experiential gateways for people to connect with our shared humanity is my gift that i’m able to give into this world. I have learned that my actions no matter how small at first can send shockwaves of inspiration through and into the lives of thousands of others and that to me is a great contribution. We don’t need to wait for someone else to create a better world, I see quite clearly that if the world is going change it needs to start with normal people such as myself deciding to give a damn.

I’m passionate about adventure and believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It is these words that inspired me to hitch-hike 1500km’s from Barcelona to Croatia in a business suit. Since then i’ve continued pushing further down this path of human potential which has sparked two social movements The Liberators International & Good Vibrations Barcelona which now have 1000’s of people passionate about sharing positive acts of love and kindness in public spaces. The definition of possibility has continued to evolve from within me and my latest adventure pushed me to new and incredible heights travelling more than 2500km’s experimenting with the idea of selflessly giving through southern India.

I am currently working towards creating experiential gateways for the global awakening to occur across our planet in street festivals, schools and in public spaces. To get involved in future actions join us here.

I trust this blog brings you value,

Much love,

Peter Hendrick Sharp.
Social Artist & World Peace Maker
+61 449 084 544



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  3. hello – I stumbled upon your site and videos just yesterday and I think you have a wonderful and unique gift : please do not lose it 🙂 the world needs your spontaneous and natural infectious and contagious good energy – keep it going ! you’re great 🙂 Edy Geraedts

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