Daring to Follow My Inner Voice.

It’s incredible to live a life that’s terrifying. For years I’ve intentionally been living in the living room of my parents house, pushing through the shadows of fear and doubt about where it was all leading. I knew deep down I had found my soul calling, my reason to serve humanity. But I’ll tell you, it’s incredibly hard to find your way in a world that’s trying to ensure you stay on the predictable path of expectation and endless accumulation of wealth, status and material possession.


I believe it’s difficult because we live in a distracted society, one that’s actively separating us from what’s deep inside us all. We like to think of ourselves as free yet at the same time many of us feel trapped living yesterday’s story, running on fear, expectation to conform and an infinite desire to stay exponentially satisfied. For each day we continue to passively accept the ‘norm’, we simultaneously amplify the white noise pounding from the drum. The noise is so powerfully interwoven that many of us are unable to hear our own inner voice anymore, our own calling to be in service to the Earth and our shared humanity. It comes as no big surprise that the biggest regret of the dying is “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected from me.”.


In amongst the journey of finding, listening and following my inner voice I’ve had countless people, friends and family scratch their head and wonder why I chose the live my life in the way I’ve chosen. How would you ever make any money out of that? When are you going to get serious like the rest of us?

What has enabled me to continue in the face of adversity has been two important elements; the first is how I have always been loved for who I am, imperfections included. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is becoming increasingly difficult in amongst the white-noise of inadequacy our society has become saturated in. Without a strong base of love and acceptance many of us can wind up running around searching for approval from others without realising they’ve already got it. The second relates to having the courage to uncover my inner voice, and to then actively develop it into a passion that creates tangible value in other people’s lives. I have been put on this planet to awaken humanity’s collective heartbeat, to dance in a way that casts of the chains of expectation. Not only for myself but for others to see that they too have what it takes to change the story of themselves and the planet.



I have dared to dance this path for more than 5 years and I’ve been heavily paid at every step of the way, only not in a financially sustainable way. In friendship, in support, in freedom of time, in gifts, in respect, in training, in opportunity, in trust, in love and in spiritual belonging. Only now, 5 years later have I found my financial support without sacrificing the other elements. I’ve been rewarded in one of the most wonderful life unleashing kind of ways.

I’ve been listed onto one of Australia’s biggest speaking bureaus, with flights to share my story in Shanghai, New Zealand and Fiji in the pipeline. This is only just the beginning and I will continue to walk my authentic path of service for humanity as I tour the USA whilst creating global events for peace with Jae my co-pilot over the next coming months. If there is anything I’ve learned it’s that everyone is whole and worthy exactly as they are and the moment we wake up to the concept the sooner we can get out of our heads and onto building a better future for all of humanity.

To learn about the journey you can watch my TEDx talk here;


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