Flow Festival 2015 Liberated Highlights by Jae West

With energy flowing and spirits running high, The Liberators arrived at Flow Freedom Festival ready to gift the event with acts of presence, connection and freedom. Excited campers soon followed, eager to explore the land and activities available over the weekend as a means of exploring their own relationship to themselves. Once settled and grounded the community gathered to officially open the festival and set the space for what was going to be a transformational weekend on both an individual and collective level. Stu and Mandy, the founders and managing coordinators of The Flow Festival, openly welcomed everyone to the space, acknowledging them as not only paying ticket holders but brothers and sisters of an ever growing family and tribe. As equals who’s voice and presence was deeply seen, heard and felt. That sense of equality and acceptance flowed through into all of the workshops and activities available, ranging from yoga, to public talks, music, meditation and dance and provided the perfect platform for The Liberators to host their live interactive DJ set on Saturday night.

Arriving to the main stage at our designated time slot dressed in our most outrageous and animalistic attire, we realised that many of the patrons had retreated to their tents on the opposite side of the property for dinner! Thankfully spontaneity and creativity was running high so Pasan jumped into action, dressed as a Gorilla he galloped through the campsite at top speed announcing the craziness and wonder that was about to unfold. This bizarre site definitely got the curiosity rolling so that once the official Liberator set started and another convoy of both Liberators and general public embarked on the mission of gathering the tribe to the main stage many followed.

Once all forces were united on stage the deep beauty and magic began. With FloWolf on the decks, Pete and Jae on the stage, a number of Liberators on the ground and a community of open minded and open hearted souls, the intention of self-expression and connection became not only an intention but a living, breathing reality. The group flowed through a rollercoaster of exercises hand in hand holding each other in a space of trust and acceptance so that each person could be comfortable in exploring their own vulnerability. The falling game was the perfect embodiment of that idea. As the collective had to tune into each other and physically catch anyone that spontaneously announced they were falling while walking around in the space. This naturally progressed to flying, were individuals were lifted above head height by their community to feel supported and held by others.

Flow Festival Promo Photo

Once trust was established the pace slowed down and patrons were able to drop into their heart space by physically feeling the heartbeat of another human being in the Eye-Heart exercise. This activity involved individual’s walking around the space and making eye-contact whenever they felt called to. Eye contact was maintained until one individual started listening to the others heartbeat and then the roles were reversed. The action of connecting with another with no intention other than to recognise that they are a human being with the same underlying needs of wanting to be seen, heard and loved is deeply moving and inspiring. It reflects the idea that if we provide the opportunity for others to truly see us without feeling like we need to hide behind a mask healing, acceptance and love can be expressed.

Flow Festival Pete Edited (19 of 33)

The set continued to change gears, ranging from a slow paced communal meditation to a large scale expression session of ecstatic dancing. Everyone was provided the opportunity to connect with their emotional needs and explore their inner child, their sense of wonder and self-expression. That fun-loving attitude translated into the spontaneous pop-up DJ set that FlowWolf provided over the dam at lunchtime the next day as well. Everyone was able to dance, swim and blow giant bubbles while enjoying the live beats and beautiful warm weather with their friends and family.

Flow Festival Pete Edited (2 of 3)

Throughout the weekend tears were shed, smiles were shared and love was felt as everyone embarked on the journey of coming home to unity and oneness together. The Liberators felt deeply honoured to be a part of such a special, authentic and unifying festival. We have no doubt that the memories created and connections made will last a lifetime, if not physically in everyone’s hearts. Thank you Stu and Mandy for being the light holders paving the way to a new future and providing a space for others to step into their own power and truth. We look forward to next year!

You can discover and join the 2016 event here.

FlowFest-Photo (2)



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