Bob Marley told us “every little thing gonna be alright” almost 40 years ago, and now we’re going to experience it again – global sing-a-long style. Marley’s hit song ‘Three Little Birds’ will take centre stage to create a sense of unity on public transport all around the globe on May 23 during the World’s Biggest Sing-a-Long. The Liberators International made headlines last year when they launched the world’s biggest eye contact experiment, with more than 100,000 participants from 161 cities taking part in the global event.

Now, they’re encouraging people to crank out their best Marley vocals in a sing-along celebration that aims to reconnect humanity and raise money for charities all around the world. At 7.30am on May 23, participants from various cities will board trains, buses, and boats to kick-start the ‘Three Little Birds’ sing-a-long. After that, a song of cultural significance will be sung at each place – adding further international flavour to the event. Lyrics of both songs will be handed out to everyone on the commute, with members of the public encouraged to join in on the fun to create a truly united experience.

Footage of each city’s sing-a-long will be uploaded to a platform the Liberators have developed, with 80% of the profits raised going direct to charity. Organisers of each flashmob will nominate a charity of their choice. Three Little Birds became one of Marley’s most popular songs after being released as a single in 1980. Marley died of cancer one year later at the age of 36, but his message for unity continues to live on. Even Marley’s children are being encouraged to jump on board in what is shaping up to be a truly special experience.

Sign up to participate in your city here.

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