WATCH: 400 Strangers Spontaneously Break Into Dance!

We’d never attempted something of this size before, the social experiment was to see if we could inspire hundreds of strangers to dance like nobody was watching in public. We prepared a giant moving sound system as seen in this picture and rolled into the centre of town with turbo charged butterflies in our stomachs.

It was Friday night, shops were open late, work had just finished, high heels and work shoes clicked across the pavement as thousands of people hustled through the centre of town. We’d arranged to meet 30 of our undercover brothers and sisters dressed in business clothing down by the cultural hawkers food stalls, the smell of exotic spices swirled as we approached.

We rolled into the centre of town and this world premiere of the video will show you what happened next…

The feeling of interconnectedness was was so electric sparks of love and joy were literally flying between the people. What I found most incredible was how effortless the entire community joined in on the dance. Elderly women in wheelchairs, Indian families with small children, indigenous people, city workers and homeless people were all dancing together as one.

If there was anything I learned from this experience is that DANCE CONNECTS US ALL.

Listen to DJ Lo Qi’s Mixes here

Follow his FB here.

Listen to Mc Macshanes work here.

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