A Wild Morning Full of Glory!

The atmosphere was electric as creative leaders from around the world huddled together at 5am on a brisk Wednesday morning outside of London’s Oval Space venue, excited to share their special gifts with the hundreds of locals ready to rave their way into the day. The first hurdle came when realising that we were locked out of the venue with our set up time rapidly declining.

0N7A8522 Event coordinator of Morning Gloryville, Dajana, hastily made phone calls to sort out the issue as the rest of us brainstormed elaborate break-in plans as a worst case scenario! The problem was soon sorted however we were then confronted with our second hurdle when realising that one of the cables that was necessary to connect the laptop to the turntables was missing from our bag. With less than an hour till our dj set, Pete jumped in a taxi to make the 40 min round trip back to the house while Jae, Jono and Elliot helped prepare the space and got changed into under-water themed costumes.

With just minutes before going on stage, Pete ran through the door with cable in hand, it was show time! The smell of fresh coffee, delicious smoothies and healthy muesli wafted through the air as Pete, Jae, Jono and Elliot grouped on stage ready to open the Morning Gloryville’s morning rave. Jono started the tunes as the doors opened and hundreds danced their way through ready for a morning of excitement, love and connection.

The experience was incredible. Hundreds jumped, moved and grooved in unison with the beats, openly accepting The Liberators new and innovative interactive dj-set. With Jono on the decks, Pete on the mic, Jae bustin’ a move on stage and Elliot capturing the smiles on everyone’s faces. Our good friend Paul Stone also made a guest appearance in our set and did a great job, inspiring the crowd to unify. Hi-5’s and hugs were freely given out, dancing trains snaked their way through the crowd and the longest love tunnel in the Liberators festival history was set up in the middle of the dance floor. As the set time was coming to a close the follow up dj was yet to arrive so Jono was asked to continue on for an extra 40 minutes. Getting the opportunity to drop a few more big tunes didn’t phase us as we were buzzing off the high vibrations in the air so we continued!

Here’s the video from our DJ set

At the end of our set we were able to enjoy the variety of different areas provided by Morning Gloryville. Incredible acoustic music by The Lyrical Nomads enchanted the balcony space outside and a peaceful terrace equipped with yoga mats and relaxed vibrations provided a perfect environment for connection and rejuvenation. Beautiful moments of love and appreciation were shared between Morning Gloryville’s chief and founder, Sam and The Liberators as expressions of gratitude were shared. It seemed as though the universe had purposely aligned our two global organisations to bring love and humanity to the world.

As the epic 4 hour morning rave drew to a close, everyone came together in a circle to unite forces and ground the energy. A young child openly danced with material in the middle of the circle, a beautiful symbol of the inner child inside each and everyone of us that had been set free in the morning’s festive’s. Sam shared some inspiring and heart-filled words of gratitude and love before closing the morning with a meditation. As a final act of unity everyone grouped together in the biggest cuddle puddle imaginable while chanting ‘om’ in unison.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.09.47

The Liberators were so humbled and grateful to share the morning with likeminded individuals from around the world. It really did highlight the fact that beyond our differences there is love and humanity.

Here’s the full mix we recorded from the set

To find out more about Morning Gloryville, check out there website here.

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