The Sustainable Human Adventure Needs You in Europe!

Do you find train rides are often emotionless tunnels of separation? People brush past each other without sharing authentic eye contact and distrust has become the default state for many. The supporters of Sustainable Human page and many others aim to transform these stereotypes with 5 weeks of daring interactive adventure through Europe and they need your participation to make it happen!

Launched by the Liberators International social movement, they’ve found a way to enhance the strength of love and human connection on the streets of Europe by working with locals to start respectful dance parties on public trains, eye contact experiments in busy plazas & blind trust hug experiments in the most untrusted neighbourhoods. They plan to record each public action live via internet feed in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin & Barcelona with the intention to create an interactive documentary that will provide video proof for the world to see that beyond our differences there is love and humanity.

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They’ve already created numerous viral videos gaining more than 40 million views worldwide and they are about to see if Europe is ready for a new world story to arise!

Be a part of the reason it was made possible here! <—

Going-into-the-unknown-is-how-you-expand-what-is-known. copy


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