Unlocking of Human Potential

This has hands down been the wildest, most wonderful year of my life! Each and every week has felt like a rocket fuelled off-road adventure that’s taken me deeper and faster down into the depths of accessing the power of the universe. This 42 second video will show you some of the moments we’ve created & shared over the past year.

Moments after blasting through those water fountains I unlocked something powerful from within. I let go of my old constructs of how life was expected to be lived and uncovered a new way of interacting with the surrounding world. I had momentarily broken reality itself, during which I was given freedom of thought and connection to the unrestricted power of the universe. The moment we break through our own constructs of reality, we are then given the keys to play with life in a different kind of way.

We ourselves must break our own realities first.

Universal energy is found by following the softer signals in our everyday existence, silently whispering to us to uncover and discover something that can heal the Earth, our community and or our people. Many of us hide in the idea that we’re “too busy” worrying about our own game to tune into these subtler planetary callings. When we tune in and follow however, I find we are rewarded with a powerful inner spark and a number of profound coincidences that encourage us to continue in pursuit of these goals. It might be a feeling to approach a person sitting on the bus, it might be that money starts flowing to you and your cause, it may be a feeling to create a dance party in a fountain, it might be a sense that it’s time to use your unique skills to create something new for humanity to experience.


Since accessing this energy as a full time job i’ve been guided by angels, protected by lovers and given the profound understanding and embodiment as to why i’ve been placed onto this planet. It has become my life purpose to unlock and share the divine wisdom that connects humanity together as one.

The longer we disconnect ourselves from the much needed healing our planet is calling for, the less serious about life I believe we become. Do you truly think humanity is waiting for more people to make more money for themselves? Humanity is calling upon us to start weaving new threads of love & life into things larger than ourselves.


What are your thoughts on the idea of the Power of the Universe? Have you felt it before? Do you hear a calling?


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