A personal appeal from The Liberators founder, Peter Sharp

Ever wonder how The Liberators International is able to create so many inspiring acts in public? I quite simply dedicate my entire life into managing the movement, editing the videos, running the facebook page, thinking of the next experiment, building networks, creating events, managing events, listening to the tribe, responding to emails and consistently going into my own fear so that we able to free ourselves from yesterdays story.

I don’t think there will be anything else that I do in my life as important as what I do now. We’re not just creating fun social acts in public, we’re fundamentally re-writing the social and cultural fabric our world operates within. After less than a year we’ve created 3 viral videos with more than 25 million views worldwide. Our facebook page has gained 45,000 new fans and we’ve inspired others to create their own experiments. We’ve created tangible proof of a new world, a new way of interacting with one another that enables us to be true to our deeper, more authentic selves.

If you’ve been touched or inspired by any one of our works I ask that you Donate it forward. In exchange I promise to return your gesture with more profound acts of freedom without advertising. With you support I will be able to continue working with you to inspire and shift our social fabric for the better.

Much love, Peter Sharp Founder The Liberators International.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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