How the Blaze Set my Heart on Fire (Pt. 2)

We woke to the sound of bass for another Undie Run, only this time Zhen decided it was best he simply removed all of his clothing. We supported him in his decision and went on our morning jog, this time gathering more people than last. After passing the unicorn tent we decided to detour past the salt lake to build a giant human pyramid. Cass’s acro yoga skills came in handy as we formed art sculptures with our bodies. We decided to celebrate with a naked mud bath before the journey home.

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On the way back, we made the most of our chiseled mud bodies by striking sculpture-like poses within a very busy circus tent serving fresh espresso coffee to more than 100 people. We hit ancient Thinker poses, held them for a couple minutes then left in silence only to receive an uproar of laughter and cheering as our cheeks waved goodbye.  We got home, washed off & prepared lunch.


By afternoon we decided it was time to take the infamous Bass Wagon out for a burn. We wanted to start with a sonic boom so we decided to climb the rock that will not be named to begin our off-road adventure. Paul aka Future Dynamic joined us with his freestyle rapping skills and we started playing beats from above. After feeling comfortable dancing on the rocks we announced over the microphone that the entire festival was invited to be a part of this explosively funky moving dance party.

We danced our way down the hill and through the campsites playfully inviting people to join in. As we continued, I notice Elliot so elegantly dressed as Eloise recording everything on camera. Radical self expression is at the heart of the festival which makes for some pretty wild and wonderful costumes! We see a group of interested Couch Surfers chilling out by silent disco stage and I think, “if they’re not able to come to us, then let’s come to them!”. We rolled the bass wagon party right up to where they were and brought the vibes into the depths of their campsite. Within moments we had most of their crew up dancing and laughing with us. We had quickly grown from 20 liberators to more than 100 blazers all moving and grooving to the same rhythm.  We finished our roving act of liberation by the almighty swan and created a dust storm with our dancing feet (video coming soon).

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You can listen to the uplifting party mash-up of bass music we used here.

Part. 3 coming soon!

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