How the Blaze Set my Heart on Fire (Part. 1)

6 days of freedom explodes across the remote Kulin salt lake. A new world of utopia is manifested through a collective desire to explore new ways of living. People from all ages, backgrounds and places align under the umbrella of radical expression, self reliance, the gifting economy, universal love, trust & acceptance. We are given a chance at building and sharing what we’ve always dreamed of.

Flame throwing off-road buggies, giant moving dance floors, human mazes made out of hay bales, jaw dropping sunsets, light sculptures than invite you to play, a circus tent dedicated to improvised music and theatre, mud bath handstands, steampunk pancakes, hot showers and a plethora of people ready to exchange human electricity. This my friends, is Blazing Swan, the Burning Man inspired powerhouse for creativity to be explored further and faster than anything i’ve ever experienced before. Last week The Liberators had the pleasure of sharing their acts of freedom with the blazers and this is a brief overview of how the festival set my heart on fire.

It started with undie runs every morning at 10am, this was Tom’s idea and involved us going for a light jog around the festival campground in our underwear, inviting other participants to join us by taking their clothes off and coming for an impromptu morning jog. (video coming soon)


From the moment we got back, a young shirtless German man in his 30’s approached and asked if we could think of a way to collaborate with him and his large moving dance truck. I thought about it for a moment and said we could create the Undie Truck with a similar principle, you couldn’t jump on till you first took your clothes off. He smiled, agreed and we shook on it. A couple of hours later Michelle arrived from a busy week at work, looked at me in surprise then jumped straight onto the bumping, moving, shaking bare skinned dance floor with us.


We returned to our Can’t Even Camp only to bare witness to an almighty sunset. The warm afternoon glow brushed my face and I instantly knew we’d return to the giant boulder up on the hill in a few days time to create a sunset celebration with the Bass Wagon.


The night was full of monkey madness with quad bikes driving through dance floors, people swinging from ceilings, eye contact with heart-felt meaning, costumes with more colours than a psychedelic painting and free flowing drinks that were gifted to the people all night long.


Pt. 2 here


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