How to Strengthen Your Self Worth

In here lies three of the tangible secrets to building self worth, unlock this and find everything in your world shift. Understanding and strengthening our self worth is a life skill that can be improved by going through certain life experiences. Contrary to popular belief, self worth is not always improved by focusing inwardly on ourselves. It’s in the pursuit of things greater than ourselves that we discover some of life’s most powerful hidden treasures.  Here are a number of tools that can be used in our daily lives to naturally increase self worth.

Give Yourself a Challenge, Then Go Accomplish It.
By achieving our own challenges we shift our understanding of our potential. The more life experience that says we’re capable of achieving our own goals, the more competent we feel. Imagine a young teenager who sets herself a challenge to survive in the bush for 3 days alone. When she comes back, think about how she would feel approaching the next life challenge. These experiences become hardwired reference points that say we can turn the seemingly impossible into the possible. Great for a healthy boost in self-worth.

Make Other People Great
The action of working towards somebody else’s dream and giving life tools to others provides a replenishing experience in where our own self worth is also raised. When we are able to give another person a reason to be of value we by default become of value to that person. Imagine if you were the reason your best friend was able to find the job they’d always been looking for. Helping someone else we care about places us in a positive position to feel good about our worth to this world. Much of our tribal belonging and sense of self-worth stems from supporting and making other people great.

Spend Time with your Creative Side, Then Share it.
We humans have been given incredible talents capable of creating art beyond imagination, it’s divine. Spending time with our creative side whether it be writing, acting, singing, cooking, dancing, painting, building, connecting, arranging, fixing, changing, moving and or creating is great for our self worth. The act of sharing our art is part of sending a message to ourselves and the world that says our unique and creative ideas are good enough as they are. I believe there is a connection with our art and our self-worth. Our art is a sliver of our spirit, if we’re able to give it away to others we subconsciously remind ourselves we’re good and of value exactly as we are.

These are but a few of the ideas that come to mind, do you have any others?

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