8 Blind Assumptions We Are Taught to Believe (Pt. 3)

3. You’re Not Quite Good Enough
When was the last advert you heard on a TV, billboard, radio and or the internet that said you were perfect exactly as you were?

Not being good enough is a blind assumption magnificently enforced by the fashion, marketing and advertising industry. Marketers realised that by creating an invisible hole in our already rich and wholesome lives, an artificial gap of desire could be created within the human psyche. This gap could then, conveniently be filled by positioning the latest product and or service as the answer to feel whole again.

Companies increase the size of the gap by subconsciously attaching their brand, product and or service to our deep emotional desires. This is to create the illusion that desirable human traits are things that cannot be obtained until we purchase something external to one self. Commonly targeted areas of our subconscious are a sense of communal belonging, displays of love, beauty, sexual attraction, ego gratification, sense of freedom, respect, happiness and power.

Try to imagine an advert that says. “Hey if you want to show your love to a loved one you could simply tell her you love her, give her a massage, read her a hand written poem about what she really means to you and then dance with her in the rain.” No company is able to make money from an advert like this, so instead they will pitch the same human desire for love from an angle that says “your girl WILL NOT LOVE YOU unless you buy her this expensive diamond ring first”.

If everybody accepted themselves and felt content with what they already had, what point would there be to buy the latest fashion, car and or phone? Organisations have a financial incentive to ensure we think we are not good enough as we are and will do what they do to make us feel we need their product or service before feeling whole again. This is just “effective business”.

Thankfully, we are good enough and all of the subconscious desires we are told to buy are things that are already obtainable through effective, supportive and loving human connection displayed to others.

Action Steps: One of the best ways to protect ourselves from this damaging assumption is to surround ourselves with people who have fully accepted themselves for who they already are. If you find your friends judge you for your wardrobe/gadgets/material possessions they indeed have been effected by the powerful subconscious assumption programmed into much of our modern day culture. Our friends determine much of how we consider ourselves so if our friends are constantly buying new shoes, upgrades, products and services this will effect our own sense of self worth. Step back a little and move towards people who simply accept and love you for who you already are.


IMG_0904 copy


Extra Information: This eye-opening documentary called “The Century of the Self” takes a look at how a man called Edward Bernays revolutionised the art of selling by manipulating the masses into buying products people didn’t actually need.

The century of the self part 1(4).mp4 from Ayon on Vimeo.

Forth blind assumption coming soon…


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